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What do you need to know about hiring a van?

What do you need to know about hiring a van?

Often people are put off hiring a van because they feel it’s either too expensive or too complicated, but at van hire on the Gold Coast everything has been simplified and you can easily get a no fuss van rental that is very economical whether you need to move people, fish or furniture a few kilometres or across the country.

Before you rent a van, consider a few things such as what you plan on moving in it,

  • Vans come with seating for up to12 people
  • There are vans with box bodies designed for large objects such as furniture and vans designed to move perishable goods
  • Consider where you want to drive to and how you will return the van. Often making a plan of your trip can save a lot of time and expenses

The things you need to know about van hire on the Gold Coast:

  • Age limits

To hire a vehicle on the Gold Coast you need to be 21 years old or over. There is also a surcharge for people 21 to 24 of around $27.50 per day.

This is because the majority of accidents on Australian roads involve people under the age of 24, so you are considered a high risk customer

  • Type of Licence

All current full driver’s licences are recognised, Australian and overseas, as long as they are in English and have a photo. They do not accept provisional or probationary licenses

  • Rental Periods

The standard rental period is 24 hours, but shorter time can be arranged in person at reception. The guys at van hire on the Gold Coast often do short term deals such as overnight.

There is no maximum time limit; you can get a discount by arrangement for long term rentals especially for more than 30 days.

  • Security Deposit

A security deposit is required for all rental vehicles; this can be by way of a credit card or debit card, a transaction that is returnable if there are no damages on the safe return of the rental. Most places will not accept cash, unless by arrangement

  • Insurance

Check your home insurance to see if you’re covered as well as your credit card insurance covers.

All vehicle rentals come with a basic standard insurance cover that mainly protects the rental company, for extra insurance you may need to seek extra cover which they will provide.

Only those drivers listed on the rental agreement are allowed to drive, others will not be covered by insurance. Extra drivers can be nominated for a fee depending on the size and type of van you hire

  • One way Rental

If your taking goods or people on a one way trip, consider getting a one way rental, this can be most cost effective it travelling intercity or interstate. Sometimes you can get a cheaper rental if you ask about returning rental vans to their home bases for the rental company.

Check out van hire on the Gold Coast for renting a van on your next trip, you will be surprised at how cost effective it can be and you don’t have to worry about making extra trips in your car to accommodate extra passengers or larger loads. The rates and conditions are very reasonable, with local discounts available