20 Mar

Top tips to make moving house easy & cheap

If moving house isn’t one of the top three worst things a human being must endure then it’s well and truly in the top ten. If money and children are the main reason for parents arguing, moving house has to be third. The joy of finding your dream home can suddenly become a nightmare when […]

09 Mar

How to find the best van hire service in Gold Coast

Choosing the best Van Hire service on the Gold Coast can be a tricky proposition, there are many to choose from. In a perfect world everyone would have access to a van whenever they need one, the problem is not many people own one. Whether moving to a new house or shopping with the family […]

28 Jan

What formalities are required while renting a truck

When you’re looking for truck rentals on The Gold Coast there are a few minimum requirements you need in order to qualify including: Drivers licence Rental companies generally require you to have a current driver’s licence that you have had for over 12 months. Rental companies will usually not accept provisional or learners licences and […]

22 Jan

Top Reasons to hire a UTE from a trusted company

When looking for a Gold Coast UTE hire there are lots of companies to choose from, but it’s best to only use a trusted company for these reasons: Hidden charges A reputable and trustworthy Gold Coast ute hire company will ensure that you understand all the cost involve with your ute hire and not conceal […]

24 Dec

What is the process of hiring a Van?

The process of using VAN Hire services on the Gold Coast has been made much simpler since the Covid pandemic and the quarantine restrictions associated with it. You can still go to the depot and check out the options of VAN’s available to you. But if you now the type VAN you wish to hire, […]

25 Nov

Does hiring a UTE help you when interstate travelling

Getting around Australia can take a lot of time, especially when travelling interstate. Finding a suitable UTE hire service on The Gold Coast can make your journey that much more enjoyable, more comfortable and less stressful than many other available travel options. When making your ute hire on the Gold Coast from Trucks4rent, you know […]

21 Nov

How renting trucks helps in smooth house shifting?

When you want to move house generally there are two options, you can hire a Gold Coast truck rentals and do the move yourself with friends or family, or you can just lift the phone and order a full house removal company to come and pack your stuff, then deliver and unpack it for you […]

29 Oct

What should you look for hiring a UTE?

If the load you want to move will fit in a ute, then see the guys at ute hire on The Gold Coast to get a great deal, but before you rush into hiring a ute, consider these things: Why Hire a Ute? When you hire a ute you know you’ll get a late model […]

26 Oct

Top Tips to travel around Australia on a budget

When you decide to go on that road trip around Australia it’s well worth talking to the guys at van hire on The Gold Coast especially if you’re going on a budget. There are a number of great reasons to hire a van from Gold Coast van hire rather than buying one. When you hire […]

25 Sep

What do you need to know about hiring a van?

Often people are put off hiring a van because they feel it’s either too expensive or too complicated, but at van hire on the Gold Coast everything has been simplified and you can easily get a no fuss van rental that is very economical whether you need to move people, fish or furniture a few […]