Frequently Asked Questions

Q? Are the trucks easy to drive?

ATrucking experience is not required to drive all of our trucks. They pretty much drive like a normal car, with all standard controls you would expect in a car.

Q? Are there any hidden costs I should know about?

A At Gold Coast Truck Rentals, we only have the daily charge, the optional insurance waiver & extra mileage charges. Remember you pay for the fuel though, and any tolls you may go through. We have no “Registration Levies”, or “Admin Charges” that we will be surprising you with when you pick the vehicle up though.

Q? Can I drive one of your vehicles on my “P’s”?

AAt our discretion, anyone on their Provisional licence can drive one of our vehicles, however our standard excess in a multi vehicle accident would be a maximum of $5000. This is not waiverable.

Q? Can I hire Trolleys & Blankets from you?

AAll of our trucks come with complimentary Blankets, & a standard 2 wheel trolley. We do offer specialised stair trolleys & piano dolly’s at reasonable hire rates.

Q? Do I have to pay for the fuel?

AYou pay for the fuel you use. On pickup, the vehicle will be full of fuel and you will be required to re-fill the fuel on return regardless of mileage done.

Q? Do you charge for more than 1 driver to be nominated?

ANo, our charges are the same whether there is 1 or more drivers nominated.

Q? Do you have age restrictions?

AOur insurance requires drivers to be a minimum of 21 years of age.

Q? How does the insurance work?

AAll our vehicles are covered by comprehensive insurance cover. We offer you a daily waiver to drop the standard excess if you are involved in a multi-vehicle accident.

Q? I need to travel through a Toll point. How do I go about paying for this?

AOur vehicles are on account with all Motorways in Australia that have tolls. All you have to do is let us know, and then you can pay us.

Q? Will you accept my Overseas Licence?

A We can accept a drivers licence from any Country as well as an International Drivers Licence.