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What Are The Hiring Conditions For Ute ?

What Are The Hiring Conditions For Ute ?

When you want to hire a Ute, like all vehicles, there are some restrictions that may apply to you, but generally it is the same as renting a car or small van. Take a look at the different ute hire options at ute hire agencies on the Gold Coast.

The following are some of the conditions for renting a vehicle in Australia

Age Limits and Licences

Most car rental companies require a person to be over 21 years old to rent a vehicle and you must have a full driver’s licence. Some companies will charge a surcharge for drivers under 24 years old. This is because the majority of accidents in Australia involve people under 24 years old. Many hire companies use their discretion and will not hire ute’s with large engines to young people.

Most rental companies will accept any current drivers licence, if it is written in English. You are allowed to drive on a current overseas drivers licence for up to six months from the time you entered Australia or cross from one state to another.

No rental companies will accept provisional licences and if your driver’s licence is not in English you will be required to have an international driving permit written in English.

Rental Rates

Prices for ute hire can vary from company to company and can be seasonal. During busy times you can expect to pay $39 to $50 a day for a standard ute hire. During off peak times and by special arrangement you can negotiate a lower rate.

If picking up your ute from an airport or busy area you can expect to pay a surcharge. Often the rental company will offer a pick up or drop off option. With this option, they will deliver the ute to you then collect it at the end of the rental. You can expect to pay a premium for this service, but it can often be less than the cost of taking a taxi to collect and drop it off yourself.

Payment methods

It is normal for rental companies to demand that you pay your rental with a credit card, they usually do not accept debit cards. Sometimes if you do not have a credit card the rental company may at their option accept a cash deposit. This would be the total amount of the hire plus any excess payment you could be liable for.


All vehicle rental agreements come with a standard cover, but often there is an access you have to pay in case of damage regardless of whether it’s your fault or not. To avoid this excess most people, especially travellers purchase travel insurance. Many credit card company’s off a complete auto rental cover as standard.

It’s very important that you read your individual insurance cover to determine your exact cover so you know your financial liability. Even if someone drives into you, without adequate cover you could still face a large bill.

When you want a ute hire on the Gold Coast, generally you will have to be over 21 years old and have a full current driver’s licence. You normally have to use your credit card for vehicle rentals and often these come with a comprehensive insurance so you are completely covered.