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Van Hire Myths You Need To Know About

Van Hire Myths You Need To Know About

Hiring a van in Australia is easy and can be a very enjoyable experience but you need to know all the conditions of your rental agreement. They are always written down so you know your obligations and rights. If you do not understand or agree with them, then ask questions.

There are a few myths and misconceptions about the self-drive and van rental industries that it seems will not go away. So this article is about setting things straight.

Myth: You will always pay the same amount of money whether you pre-book or just arrive and are a walk in customer

Fact: The fact is, most businesses and this is true for rental companies as well, like to have their business well booked up in advance. Usually, they will offer an incentive for people to make early bookings and this usually in the form of a discount or some bonus.

Often during periods when a rental company is experiencing heavy bookings, the price may rise or discounts will not be available. By booking early you can be guaranteed the price and be sure you get the vehicle you want. As almost all companies will not charge you for cancellation up until 24 hours before, if you need to change or find a better deal you have the option to change.

Myth: You will have to pay any damage to the vehicles, any type, even if it was not your fault

Fact: The reality is that most rental companies expect there will be some minor damage to their vehicles and often overlook small scratches and nicks. It is not worth their while to get a reputation for being difficult. All vehicles by law have a comprehensive insurance cover that protects the companies’ interest and this is built into the rental agreement.

It is vital that you always read and understand your rights and obligations under the agreement. Read the agreement and the company policy before you sign it.

Myth: All Rental Companies Are the Same

Fact: While the same basic law applies to all companies in the same way there are many differences between different companies, they are all unique and offer difference based on their location whether they are part of a large local or international franchise. Many family owned & operated van rental companies offer a much more personal service, especially to local and regular customers.

Just because you rented a vehicle a few years ago, do not expect things to be the same now. This is a constantly changing and evolving business with government rules and regulations changing usually to the customer’s advantage. So, unless you regularly hire vehicles in a given area, it is always wise to check around, so hunt for deals. This is a very competitive business and sometimes the large companies take a bit longer to implement new ideas and regulations.

Myth: You cannot Bargain with Them 

Fact: Often during the busy season, most rental companies will be very busy so are less interested in making a deal and agencies around airports and large centers are less likely to make a deal with you because they have plenty of customers.

During the off times and slack periods, rental companies are looking for more customers so usually you can strike a deal especially if you want an extended hire agreement.

Myth: Any Traffic Offenses You Get will not Apply to You It’s the companies Problem

Fact: This is a total myth and it I the driver of the vehicle who is responsible for all traffic offenses or infringements. The rental agency will receive the ticket or enforcement notice first, but they have your address and will send it on to you even if you live in another country. You will be responsible for the ticket and all cost, including the cost of sending the ticket and any legal costs, including additional fines for late payment and court costs. A small ticket of $100 could cost several thousand if you ignore it and the courts have to chase you for it.

Myth: Rental companies are open all hours

This is unfortunately not true, most are open 8 am to 6 pm on weekdays and some open in the weekends. It really pays to check their operation hours. Many companies offer an after hours service, but that can prove costly. Some companies have a courtesy service where they will pick up or drop off the vehicle for you but that is by negotiation.

It is vital that you know when the agency is open and the time you pick and return your rental as if you are late; they are entitled to charge you sometimes even an extra day.

There are many companies that deal with van hire in Gold Coast, but it can take a while to find best one.