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Top Do’s & Don’ts while hiring a Truck

Top Do’s & Don’ts while hiring a Truck

Top Do’s & Don’ts while hiring a Truck

What are the reasons you would need a truck hire on the Gold Coast? Are you moving house, picking up furniture, helping a family member, delivering stock? Whatever the reason may be, hiring a truck can be daunting if you are unsure of what to do, or have never done so before. Before we get into the do’s and don’ts while hiring a truck, be aware that there are plenty of Gold Coast Truck Hire companies. Trucks4Rent are the leaders, proving to be helpful, reliable, and competitive with pricing.

Do’s while hiring a truck

Now, there are plenty of things that you should do before you go ahead and organise truck hire on the Gold Coast. Firstly, be organised before hiring the truck. This may mean being fully packed (boxes, items wrapped etc.), or it may mean organising time away from work. The fact is, being organised will make things run much more smoothly. Following this, organise a helper to help load and unload the truck, especially if there is a full load or bulky items. Whether it be dozens of small boxes, or a few massive pieces of furniture, having a second pair of hands can save you plenty of time and a sore back!

Another thing to do before organising truck hire on the Gold Coast is measuring the items you are placing in the truck. If it is a massive item, will it fit comfortably? Are you going to be able to unload it safely? The next thing is knowing how to drive a truck or having a friend who can drive the truck. There is no point hiring the truck if you are too scared to drive it. Finally, know the route you are taking! Do not attempt to drive into underground car parks where the truck will not fit, this will be a costly mistake!

Don’t’s while hiring a truck

When getting behind the wheel of a truck, do not drive it like a car. You will have a lot more weight behind you and the turning circle is much greater, meaning you cannot move as quickly.

On top of this, have a clear reason for purchasing truck hire on the Gold Coast before you book it. It will result in a waste of time and not being efficient if you haven’t organised all of this before hiring the truck. As mentioned above, do not hire the truck on the Gold Coast without measuring the items first, and do not drive the truck if you are not comfortable in doing so.

Finally, do not try and do everything on your own! Lean on a friend or family member to help with whatever you may be doing; it will save plenty of time! Also, when reversing into tight spaces, having a friend will be a massive help!

When you need truck hire on the Gold Coast, reach out to the team at Trucks4Rent!