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Tips For Safe And Effective Shipping Of Your Valuable Goods

Tips For Safe And Effective Shipping Of Your Valuable Goods

The friendly guys at Ute Hire on the Gold Coast have a few suggestions for you when you want to safely ship your valuable goods, such as

  • Decide if you wish to make the move yourself or if you prefer to have a professional moving firm do the moving for you
  • If you elect to make the move yourself, then pick some help that you can trust and rely on to help you
  • Book your hire vehicle during off peak times to avoid higher payments and always ask for a discount
  • Try to make your move during quiet periods avoiding long weekends and holidays as these times usually means there are heavy traffic conditions and long traffic delays
  • You should always make sure you are covered by the appropriate insurance cover when moving as some household polices may not cover your valuables while in transit. Other policies may insist on special conditions so be sure to read all the fine print or if confused (which is common when trying to work out the complex legal wording) seek advice
  • Always use a reputable carrying firm that has a complete and total insurance cover and analyze this so you know it’s limitations, if any, as some insurers place exclusions on some shippers or trucking companies
  • It may be worth having your valuables valued by a professional to verify their true value

Seek information about Load Requirements and Road Conditions

It’s often tempting to save money by overloading vehicles or using a smaller vehicle than needed.

It’s important to find out about loading requirements and government permits that may be required for large or unusual loads of value.

  • Plan your route before you leave
  • Avoid high traffic areas where possible
  • Avoid traveling during rush hour, in public holidays during busy times and in busy areas

Find out if there are any road works in the areas you will be traveling and if there are alternative routes available

Reduce Your Risk

Cargo theft is an increasing problem so select a carrier that uses sealed containers and lonely parks your cargo in areas with 24 hour security cameras


  • Pack valuables in strong creates or if fragile in crates that can’t be stacked or have objects placed on top of them
  • Use the appropriate packaging and secure your load as emergency stopping can cause a load to shift not only causing damage to your valuables nut also endangering operators and drivers
  • If shipping your valuable overseas then you need to be sure all documentation is correct and you have all customs and booking in order
  • Ensure the shipping company is experienced in shipping the same type of contents your shipping
  • It’s important that a proper shipment monitoring service is available so you can track your valuables in real time
  • Ship your valuable through the most direct routes with minimal touch points as these are the areas where they become the most venerable


When shipping your valuables, it pays to ask the friendly guys at ute hire on the Gold Coast for their suggestions and recommendations. Make sure your insurance policy is appropriate and gives you a total cover and carefully plan your route or check out the best shipping company with a good safety record