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Things To Look For In A Truck Rental Company

Things To Look For In A Truck Rental Company

With today’s high cost of living, it’s not surprising many people are on the lookout for ways to reduce their expenses and this is true when it comes to deciding on which van hire companies on the Gold Coast you will use when you want to hire a truck.

Just choosing a truck rental company because they are the cheapest is not always the best idea as safety, reliability and convenience are also important factors to consider.

Some things to look for in a Truck Rental Company:

Do they have a good public reputation, are they noted for their service and high vehicle standards.

  • Ask People You Trust

Ask around your circle of friends and family for anyone who has had any experiences, good or bad with the different van hire companies on the Gold Coast. Good news usually travels fast, but bad news travels much faster, so you are bound to hear about any experiences people have had. You will certainly hear about any company you should avoid

  • Look for Locally Owned and Operated Rental Agencies

Locally based agencies tend to be more user friendly and can offer special deals based on local conditions and events. They know the local conditions and can assist you with choosing the right truck for the job.

Being locally owned and operated they offer a friendly community based service and can be more adaptable to your special needs that larger policy drive companies

  • Contact Them by Phone

If you call up a Van Hire Company on the Gold Coast you will very quickly get a good idea of the way they treat their customers.

  • Ask them for quotes and find out just what is included in their package deals
  • Do they offer special deals for local residents
  • Do they have a pick up and drop off service or offer a courtesy car for customer convenience
  • Will they give a written quote so you understand the total costs before you sign any rental agreement and guarantee a fixed price with no hidden charges?
  • What are the insurance requirements?
  • If they provide you with the information you require quickly and without asking lots of questions, chances are they are well organised and a good company to deal with
  • If they seem evasive, unsure or can’t answer satisfactorily, then forget them, they are probably a bit shady

Research on the Internet

Once you have narrowed down the list of companies you’re interested in, check their reviews and customer comments

  • See what extra services they offer and how much they charge for them
  • Check if they have the correct insurance covers
  • Do they have a good safety record
  • What are their cancellation requirements?

When you want to use a van hire service on the Gold Coast it pays to check all the companies on social media and ask around for any information anyone has about the different companies. Call them up and do a google search to check their reviews. See what special deals they’ll offer you, especially from locally owned and operated companies with personolised services.