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Things To Know Before Hiring A Van In Gold Coast

Things To Know Before Hiring A Van In Gold Coast

When you are looking for a Van to Hire on the Gold Coast there are a few things worth taking into account to ensure you get the best deal, you can’t go past the friendly local service, but it’s always best to do a Google search to see what’s available. However, if you’re thinking of purchasing a van, you might want to consider looking at something like the ford e350 for example. Vans like this have a lot of space inside for storage, as well as being able to fit multiple passengers in. Buying a van can be a big decision though, so make sure you’re definite. Some people might want to hire a van before buying one. Here are some tips when it comes to hiring a van:

Use a Credit Card

Always use your credit card that includes a complimentary, comprehensive, insurance package to cover you for any accidents or losses. One thing many people do not know is that you have the option or reversing the charges on a credit card if they do not honor the contract. It also means you will not have to worry about credit checks. Many people’s comprehensive car insurance also covers rent vehicles, so check your policies. If this isn’t the case, you may want to consider another option; staveley head compares quotes for you if you need them for courier purposes during the time of this hire.

If you’re under 25 there are added charges

Rental companies charge a premium for any driver under 25 years old, even if they are just on the extra driver list. They also charge for more than two drivers, so consider just what you need before adding additional drivers.

Book early

By booking early and taking the van at off-peak times you can often get a reduced rate and you always have the option of canceling if your dates or circumstances change. It also means you have a better selection than if you opt to make a last-minute booking.

Get the van from their depot

If you get your rental van at a location such as a city center or airport you will always pay a premium, check the rates for different locations before you make an arrangement. Also, ask about their drop off and pick up rates. There is no point in paying $50 for a taxi when they would deliver for the same price and save you the hassle.

Stay on sealed roads

All rental companies will not be happy if you take the van off the road even if it’s a 4×4 off road vehicle. If you incur any damage or mishaps, they will claim that you’re in breach of your contract as you were not allowed to drive off the road or on unsealed roads. So check the rental agreement carefully if you plan on going bush, otherwise, they will charge you accordingly.

Fill the tank

Whenever you use a Van Hire service on the Gold Coast they will fill the tank with fuel before you take delivery and you are expected to return it filled, if you do not, then you can expect to pay a fuel and service charge.

Provide your own extras

The base rates for rental vans are very competitive, so rental companies try to make money by charging for extras such as a GPS, blue tooth phone, child seats and high insurance covers, if you provide your own, you can make extra savings, but this has to be weighed against the convenience and effort. Your cell phone has a great GPS and sounds.

When using a Van Hire service on The Gold Coast, you have plenty of options, but don’t just settle for the cheapest; often the local guys will have a package that will suit your budget and other requirements while adding a few extras to make sure you have the best van hire experience.