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Things To Check Before Hiring A Truck Renting Company

Things To Check Before Hiring A Truck Renting Company

If you need to move some items, whether it is for a company or personal use, it is important to have a good truck service to aid you with your needs. If you’re a company, an overnight freight service might be helpful for that important delivery. However, when you need to move some stuff on the Gold Coast the best bet is to hire a local company for your truck rental needs. This is because they have a lot of local knowledge and experience when it comes to helping locals and they provide great friendly customer-oriented service. But there are a few things you should consider before renting:

  • One of the first considerations is the load you have to move, what it consists of.
  • How bulky is the load and what sized truck will you need?
  • Can you get it all in one load?
  • Is it a clean load, is packed or will you have to pack it?
  • Is the load perishable or does it need to be chilled, kept frozen?
  • How are you going to load it into the truck and will you require helpers or can you do it alone?
  • If the load is heavy will you need a loading ramp, hydraulic lift or Hiab crane.
  • Do you require a tipping tray for unloading?
  • Is the area where the load is soft or wet, so will you need a 4 wheel drive or is a standard drive adequate for the job you have to do?
  • Do you need a covered truck or will an open tray be more convenient?
  • How long will it take for you to load the truck, drive to your destination, unload then return the truck to the rental company depot?
  • Would it be more convenient and cost-effective the hiring company to deliver the truck to you and pick it up once your move is complete or do you want to pick up the truck from the depot and drop it off once you’re moving job is finished?
  • Do you want the latest model truck or are you more interested in having a slightly older truck at a reduced hire rate?
  • Have you had a look at the route you will travel with your hire truck so you are familiar with any potential problems that may occur, such as road works or cultural events that may delay you.

Ask the Hire Companies
Not all rental companies are the same; some may have conditions or requirements that you are not happy with. Usually, a small local family run truck rental company will be more likely to offer you a reasonable discount, especially during the off-peak times of the year.

  • Check the day rates as well as weekend and whole week rates, often it turns out to be more cost-effective to hire a truck for longer so you do not have to rush the job.
  • Ask if there is a late return fee and check if they have a better rate for unlimited kilometers.
  • Carefully check the insurance cover they offer and see if your credit card is one that gives you auto cover so you can avoid doubling up on insurance. If it doesn’t, it might be better to look over your insurance policy and see about the possibility of changing it just in case of having to pay out again, there are many Insurance Quotes to browse over so you can find the best one for you.
  • Do you have a comprehensive insurance cover or will you rely on the standard cover that comes with the rental agreement.
  • Make sure you can make a booking to secure your rental truck as soon as you have decided the exact dates so you can be sure it will be available when you need it.
  • Do they allow you to have more than one driver and is there any extra charges involved?

Once you have decided on a fixed date you want to move your load and assessed the load so you are sure of the size and type of load you are going to move its time to get quotes from all the different truck rental companies in your area, you can decide which is the best option for you.