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Office Relocation: 5 Easy Tips To Follow For A Successful Move

Office Relocation: 5 Easy Tips To Follow For A Successful Move

When it’s time to relocate your office, it’s best done in the most stress free way possible and to ensure it has a minimal impact on your business operation. Apart from organizing a van hire on the Gold Coast here are five easy tips to follow:

  1. Plan Ahead

When you have a new locating, try and get a proper floor plan so you can accurately set out the layout and design of your new office. You will be able to see if there is going to be space problems and rectify or adjust your plan accordingly.

Your floor plan should show every department’s designated space

  • Outline where reception and public areas are
  • Show workstations and desks
  • Photocopy and printing machines
  • Break and lunch areas with prep and cleaning stations
  • Bathrooms and rest areas
  • Staff meeting rooms and any private offices or other rooms

You need to make decisions about IT services, where telephone and computer lines need to be, numbers and locations of power points and lighting

  1. Designate a Colour Code System and Labels

Introduce a colour code to your floor plan so you know how to pack and eventually unload each department. If each area has its own colour code it is very simple to work out where things need to go. Labels on items and boxes that are packed together means you can quickly identify items and where they go

  1. Inform all Your Service Providers Customers and Clients

Get in touch with all your utility providers, water, gas and electricity and well as phone company, IT support, cable supplier, delivery and courier services. Find out if you can transfer their service to your new location or need to locate new suppliers.

Give all your customers and clients plenty of notice of your pending move so they are not inconvenienced by your move and your business carries on as normal and without disruption.

  1. Engage Professional Office Movers

Even if you intend to do some of the moving yourself with the help of your staff and a van hire from the Gold Coast, hiring office moving professionals to help is advisable. They will advise on the best packing methods and help with the transferring and lifting of furniture and office equipment safely. Their advantage is they minimize stress, risks and reduce business downtime, but it’s worth getting your whole team involved. The guys at van hire on the Gold Coast will provide you with the right van for moving those personal effects from the office and your staff in comfort and style.

Once you have made your move, contact all your customers and clients and well as business associated to advise them of your new location and that you’re ready to offer them the same great service they have enjoyed before.

When moving your office is should be well organised and planned long before moving day. Whether you plan on hiring professional movers to do the whole shift for you or you want to get your team involved, the guys at van hire on The Gold coast can advise you on the best vans for moving both your office stuff and staff to ensure you have a cost effective, stress free, easy move.