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How To Choose The Best UTE For Carrying Heavy Goods

How To Choose The Best UTE For Carrying Heavy Goods

There is now over a dozen different brands and styles of new ute’s on the market in Australia. These utility vehicles, which is where they get their name, although some manufacturers are trying very hard to get people to call them pickups, are the biggest selling style of vehicle anywhere in Australia.

These vehicles primary purpose is carrying stuff in their tray. There are 3 styles of ute, the single cabs, duel cabs, twin cabs.

  • Single Cabs

These ute’s which first appeared in the 40’s are designed to haul loads, often in excess of 1000kg. Their leaf spring suspension is a bit different from the normal cars coil springs or independent types of wheel suspension systems. Most of the single cab buyers are from the farming or tradie sectors where they use their utes in their daily work.

The single cab utes can come with two styles of back, the flat alloy tray with removable drop sides and a moulded body style.

The flat tray is higher and positioned above the wheels so can take several standard pallets on the long wheel based models. They are also great for carrying big weatherproof lock boxes for tools and equipment.

In the cab are either a bench seat for three or two bucket seats. They tend to be a bit “trucky” to drive especially when loaded.

These Utes can take a much larger and heavier load than the other utes that are designed to also carry passengers. Like all utes they come in diesel or petrol variants, auto or manual as well as 2 wheel or 4×4 drive systems

  • Dual Cab Utes

A dual cab ute is equipped with four doors and normally seats 5 people, 2 in the front and 3 in the back of the cab. Some people and manufactures like to call these vehicles Double Cabs because they have the extra row of seats. They have a reduce load space in the back, but can still carry just under 1000kg of extra weight, depending on their manufactures specks and how many passengers are on board.

They are much more car like than the single cab models. The body work does not allow a view of the chassis as it surrounds the tray.

The combined on road weight when fully loaded is high, although it’s not as high as a single cab version. Many of these types of utes are rated with a 3.5 tones towing capacity

  • Super Cab

A super-cab also known as a King-cab or Space-cab depending on the manufacture has a body style that’s half way between dual-cabs and single cab models.

It’s about a one and a half cab, it has two doors and a space behind the seat that can be used for extra seating or with seats folded to make a secure storage area. Some of these models have smaller doors at the rear that can open backwards to give access or an increased secure area for goods.

With the great Aussie Ute there’s no clear best as each style has its advantages, but the ute’s that can take the heaviest loads are the single cabs. Hire one from a ute hire center on the Gold Coast to check them out for yourself.