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How Hiring A Truck Helps In Smooth Shifting?

How Hiring A Truck Helps In Smooth Shifting?

Moving can be expensive, so if you want to do the move yourself and hire a truck from ute hire on the Gold Coast there are a few things that will help to make your move smooth and easy

Getting the right sized truck

Hire trucks come in a range of sizes, so you need to have a good idea of the size of your load. If you have a small load you could get away with a small ute, maybe with a roof rack for any long items.

If you’re doing an overnight move you may need a covered ute or a small truck. You also need to check the weight of your stuff. It’s not much fun trying to lift a piano onto a truck so one with a hydraulic lift or ramp may be a good option.

Consider where you have to drive the truck and make sure you can get it close enough to your loading and drop off points. Some inner city alleyways are quite small and have tight bends that a large truck cannot negotiate. At the same time you don’t want to get a truck that is too small making you do more loads, especially, if you have to travel long distances.

Sometimes if you not familiar with the route you’ll be taking it’s worth driving it first in your car so you see any potential problems on the way during the move.

If you’re driving a vehicle you haven’t driven before ask the rental company for a test drive and to show you some of the vehicle features you’re not sure about. Driving a truck is a lot different than a compact car.

Book Early

Book your truck early to make sure they have one available and talk with them about any deals they can offer you. See what type of moving equipment such as blankets, ropes and handcarts they can supply to help with the load.

Moving Plan

Make a moving plan before you even start to pack, work out what type of containers you’ll need and plan how to pack each room.

By having a floor plan of the new place and packing each box, then marking its contents on the outside as well as where on your floor plan you want to place when you unpack, you’ll know where to place each box and its contents when you unpack the truck. This will make the whole job easier. Plus, you’ll know where everything is.

By packing your stuff room by room and placing everything in marked boxes you can take your time packing over a few weeks or days and discard anything you really don’t need.

Get advice on how to move heavy or large, fragile items such as huge flat screen Tv sets of bulky furniture.

Arrange friends or family to help long before the move so you’re sure you have help when you need it.

When it’s time to make that move, it’s worth talking to the friendly guys at ute hire on the Gold Coast they can offer you a great deal and friendly service at the most competitive prices around. Ask them for a good mates deal, but remember to book early to avoid any disappointment.