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5 Tips To Move Your Items Safely In UTE

5 Tips To Move Your Items Safely In UTE

A ute from one of the ute hire companies on the Gold Coast is one of the best and most cost efficient ways to move your stuff around. This is primarily because utes are made for moving things. They come with a variety of purpose-built cargo trays and other components too, this is just one example as to why you might want to have a look at why trailer parts direct is your one stop shop for ute canopies should you need to secure big loads for ute. Read the points below and have a talk to the hire guys about your move.

These five tips will help you move easily, safely, avoid damage and traffic violations:

  1. Know the overhang and weight restrictions

Traffic regulations are strictly enforced on the Gold Coast so it’s vital you know the overhang limits as well as the weight limits of the ute you hire. It’s tempting to just load up tie off and go, but overloading fines are very steep and there to enforce public safety. Ask about roof racks for those long loads. Always measure your load before you hire a ute, so you can be sure your load will legally fit

  1. Know the Right Way to Secure Your Load

Always use the proper knots or tie down methods. All loads need to be tied down in an open ute. If you are not good at tying things down consider using a covered ute to ensure nothing can fall on the trip.

Cargo nets are a great idea and are quick and relatively easy to use. Some cargo nets offer weather protection as well as more security if you need to park for the night or while taking a meal break during the trip

  1. Know the Anchor Points

Ute hire companies on the Gold Coast provide vehicles with a number of anchor points so you can properly secure your load. Ask them to show you the best methods when you pick up the ute.

Often a webbing cover that will go over your whole load is a great option as long as it’s properly secured at all the available anchor points.

  1. Use Plenty of Padding

Making sure all items are adequately protected with sufficient padding will allow for easier packing. Fragile items such as glass wear, crockery electronics and delicate items can be wrapped in clothing and packed in suitcases or boxed to protect them.

Consider loading things like refrigerators or cupboards empty, then filling them with well wrapped items for safety and efficient use of space. Always have adequate padding between items and the sides of the ute

  1. Tricky Items

Take extra care with heavy or tricky items as the extra effort you use to secure them properly and protect them from rubbing or scratching will be worthwhile when you get there without incidents.

If you have perishable items consider a ute with a cooler or insulated body.

Some utes come equipped with a Hiab crane or hydraulic loading ramp for items that are heavy or difficult to load such as pianos, King sized beds and large solid cabinets.

Always include enough manpower to help you move safely and easily.

When you’re making a ute hire on the Gold Coast, discuss your plans with the guys at the hire shop, they’re experts at giving the right information about legal loading requirements, how to secure your load with the proper methods such as ropes or cargo nets and the right knots to use.