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5 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Hiring A Van Service

5 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Hiring A Van Service

If you have decided to take a trip with friends or your family and need something bigger than a normal car or maybe you are moving house and need a van to take everything in less time and trips than you can do in your car then a Gold Coast Van hire is what you need. As you probably already know, moving house can be difficult, especially when you can’t find the right Home Removals company to help you ease the process. That’s why so many people choose to do it on their own. Almost every type of van is available whether you have some heavy gear or lots of people to shift. There are lots of options of vehicle hire around the Gold Coast and it is good to do your research before picking the first one you see. For an example of van hire in the Brisbane area, Click here. Here are 5 common mistakes to avoid, to make your van hire more enjoyable

  1. Booking or hiring a van without checking the size of your load

There is nothing worse than finding that some of your stuff is just too big to fit into the van you have hired. Or, realising that you’ve accumulated more waste than expected and you’re actually in need of finding a louisville dumpster rental, or wherever you might be. By hiring a dumpster, you will be able to fill your truck with items that need that extra space. Take a few measurements and be sure to check with the van hire company.

If you find that the van has less seats than you expected, so several passengers have two left behind can be very awkward as you can get a very large fine in Queensland if you overload or don’t have proper seats and seatbelts for everyone.

  1. Check for any hidden fees

Sometimes the advertised prices are just an average price and there are extra fees for hiring on a weekend, at the airport or from your hotel. All rental companies are listed on the internet so you can quickly check the actual prices and maybe even get a bargain if you ask them for a discount or when they have the type of van you require on special.

Don’t just take the first option, but check around, it will only take a few minutes but could lead to a substantial saving, not only is cash but in time as well.

  1. Before you take charge of the vehicle, inspect it

Before you accept any hire vehicle it is important you inspect it for any damage inside and outside. Be sure that any scratches, dents or marks are clearly recorded on the hire papers and take a photo using your smart phone, that way you get an accurate and dated picture. If you fail to take note of any damage you could well be charged for it when you return the vehicle.

Rental companies always wash the cars and ensure the inside is vacuumed, but if you bring it back dirty they will charge you extra for cleaning as the policy states if needs to be returned in the condition is was in when you hired it

  1. Check Insurances

Know what your current insurances cover, many people already have a full insurance cover for rentals with their own vehicle cover and some home owners covers also cover rental vehicles and there is little point in wasting money on new insurance you don’t need

  1. Avoid Extras

Unless they are free avoid extras such as GPS navigation systems and blue tooth etc as you already have then on your smart phone

When hiring a van, you can’t beat the service and prices offered by some of the local Gold Coast van hire companies. They go out of their way to ensure you have a great van hire at the best possible price without the hassles of some of the large hire companies.