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3 Ways You Can Use a Ute for Your Small Business

3 Ways You Can Use a Ute for Your Small Business

The very purpose of a Ute, abbreviated form of “coupe utility” or “utility” is to give you space for carrying cargo along with a couple of passengers. So if you’re buying such a vehicle, you definitely want to do much more than roaming around with your family and friends.

With a Ute, there are plenty of possibilities as it gives you dedicated space for carrying goods. Gold Coast Truck Rentals makes Ute hire on the Gold Coast very easy for you. We have a range of utility vehicles that help you in various jobs. And while providing powerful vehicles and fabulous services, we also tell people about the scope of usage of these vehicles.

So in this article, we will discuss the possibilities of business when you have a Ute. But before we do that we think that you should have some insights about this vehicle.

History of Ute in A Brief

The first Australian Coupe Ute was introduced by Ford Australia in 1934. Though the concept was adapted from the “Roadster Utility” vehicle that began in the US in 1929, it was produced after reading an anonymous letter from a farmer’s wife in Australia.

She asked for a vehicle that could take them to churn on Sundays and carry pigs to the market on Mondays in the letter. Responding to the letter, Ford designer Lew Bandt came up with a unique prototype that blended Ford Model A chassis with a two-door body with a tray at the rear.

Henry Ford named it the “Kangaroo Chaser” and it was named “coupe utility”. And before you knew it, Utes grew on Australians. It is very particularly very popular in the rural areas and today, they are sold in many variations.

And now let’s back to the point, shall we?

3 Ways Utes Can Be Useful For Your Business:-

Courier Service– This is probably the first thing that’ll come to your mind if you mull over the possibilities of using a Ute for business. The cargo space at the rear makes it an obvious choice for this purpose. It lets you carry many things of large and small varying in weights.

Towing Service– If you have a powerful vehicle, offering towing service is very easy and suitable. A Ute can give you perfect performance for a very long time. It can two heavy vehicles easily and can become a money-spinner. If you are living in a rural area, you know that towing services are often required.

From travellers to businesses, there are many people who require this service very often.

Truck Rental Service– If you are not deploying your ute in any other activity, then just keep it for rental services. There are many people who require such vehicles for a short duration and you can be their saviour. Of course, there’s good money once your business gets customers on a regular basis. It can be deployed for shifting homes, one-time delivery or some other carriage purposes.

There’s a lot that you can do with a Ute. It opens so many avenues of learning for you while giving you high performance. With Gold Coast Truck Rental, Ute hire in Gold Coast become easier than ever. We give you a broad array of vehicles that let you take care of your many big and small tasks.