Your Top Tips For Hiring a Truck

When you’re getting ready to hire a truck from Gold Coast Truck Rentals, especially if you minimal experience here are some of the top tips to making your experience safer and more enjoyable.

  • Get to know the Truck – When you go to pick up your hire truck, our team will ensure that you are familiar with all of the features of the rental. We will explain how to use the accessories such as hydraulic lifts and ramps as well as how to use and adjust the mirrors and seats etc. When you first drive the truck, spend a bit of time getting to know it, how it drives and handles. Drive slowly around a bit out of the main traffic areas to get used to the steering and brakes. Although hire trucks of up to 3 tonnes are similar to a car to drive and can be driven on a car license there are a few differences.
  • Trucks are much larger and heavier than cars – So require longer to stop when braking. It is always best to drive a bit slower so you have plenty of time to make adjustments and it is advisable to use your brakes more than when driving a car to keep an extra distance when following for safety. Many fleet vehicles, often trucks, will have telematics systems installed for added fleet safety as they can help in the detection of a safe following distance and also whether or not the driver is distracted by their mobile, for example.
  • Trucks do not have as tight a turning circle as most cars – So practice making a few left and right hand turns so you become familiar with how turning feels and give yourself more space when turning. You will have to rely on your correctly adjusted side mirrors to see what’s to the sides and behind you and your indicators (that you need to check are working before you Leave) are very important so others know your intent. Without side mirrors on your car or truck, the driver and their passengers could be at risk of being involved in a car accident. That’s why it is important that if, for any reason, you no longer have side mirrors on your car as they have been knocked off, that you get replacement ones as quickly as possible. There are many different places where you can them from, similar to this TDot Performance Parts company so be sure to find the exact ones for the make and model of your car so you can drive your chosen vehicle as safely as possible. However, this shouldn’t be the case if you are hiring a new truck.
  • Trucks especially if you opt for a box body are a lot taller than cars and also wider – When making a tight turn on an uneven surface or road that is not flat the top can lean over past the wheels causing a danger of hitting things like power poles, fences or buildings. Consider low bridges, overpasses and garage heights while driving
  • Backing up or driving in reverse is made more difficult in a truck – As it must be done using the side mirrors, if possible have someone outside the truck to help guide you
  • It is best to be packed ready before you pick up your hire truck – This will mean you just have to load them inside. It is important that they are stacked properly secured and protected. Often when moving the load will be shaken and the vibrations of road travel can cause things to and shift fall and break. Always have the heavy stuff at the bottom and breakables well wrapped. One of the best things to pack thing is a load of similar sized cardboard boxes as they are easy to stack

When hiring a truck, take your time to get used to driving it, the extra width, height and weight it soon becomes easy to manage. Packing properly and securing your load while being aware it will take longer to stop and you need larger a turning circle will make it safer and more enjoyable.

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