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Why do truck hire companies on the Gold Coast prefer automatic transmissions Trucks for their fleet?

Why do truck hire companies on the Gold Coast prefer automatic transmissions Trucks for their fleet?

Hiring a truck on the Gold Coast is a very popular option for many people. Whether they are moving home, office or doing a cleanup around the yard, hiring a truck can be a quick and easy solution. Trucks4Rent want to make your truck hire as simple a process as possible and one of the best solutions for this is all our fleet are automatic transmissions.

Automatic Vs Manual

There are many reasons that someone might prefer a manual transmission car or truck over an automatic one. When purchasing your car or truck there are certain things to consider to ensure you are buying the right vehicle for your needs. Some of the things to consider when purchasing a car/truck are:-

  • Price
  • Comfort
  • Efficiency
  • Maintenance
  • Performance

When hiring a truck on the Gold Coast the list above doesn’t really matter, what really matters not only for Gold Coast Truck Rentals  but for the consumer is below:-

The ease of use

The fleet at Gold Coast Truck Rentals is designed so that virtually anyone can hire one of our trucks and be driving away like a pro in no time. You don’t need to have a special licence to hire one of our trucks on the Gold Coast and that includes not needing a “manual car licence”. Just a standard automatic drivers licence is required.

Let’s not forget that when most people are hiring a truck it is because they don’t have access to a truck or drive one very often. People are usually a little out of their comfort zone with such a large vehicle to control without throwing in a manual transmission to deal with as well. I personally couldn’t think of anything worse than backing a 3-tonne removal truck into a parking spot and having to worry about the friction point on the clutch. The automatic transmission is every casual truck hirers best friend.

Inexperienced drivers and maintenance

If you have never driven a manual car or truck before navigating through heavy traffic could be enough to give you cold sweats at night and that’s why using an automatic transmission is a much easier proposition. The constant changing of gears in the start/stop traffic of the Gold Coast can be murder on a clutch. This means that even though manual cars are less expensive to purchase the maintenance can be far less expensive with automatic transmissions.

Better Fleet

With a lack of constant maintenance of a manual transmission fleet, the team at Gold Coast Truck Rentals can ensure that their hire trucks on the Gold Coast are always running at their best and are always available. The comfort in knowing that all you have to do is put the truck into gear and step on the accelerator will end in a smoother hire and ride for you and your passengers/helpers.

The team at Gold Coast Truck Rentals have years of experience in hiring trucks on the Gold Coast and have yet to come across a situation that they can’t help your fix. From Ute’s to 6-tonne removal trucks and absolutely everything in between, talk to the team at Trucks4Rent the next time you need to hire a truck on the Gold Coast.