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Why Choose Gold Coast Truck Rentals For Renting A Truck?

Why Choose Gold Coast Truck Rentals For Renting A Truck?

If you have ever considered renting a truck you will know that the whole process, from finding the right rental company to deciding on the right truck for your needs can be a little stressful, especially if you are not used to driving trucks. Gold Coast Truck Rentals know this, so have made every effort to ensure the whole experience is as stress free as possible.

Trucks are a lot different from the average family car, they handle differently. For a start, they are much heavier and longer, but the thing that makes them more difficult is their width Being so much wider, when driving them you need to take note of just where you are on the road at all times. Because in a truck you do not have all-round vision, in fact, there are several blind spots to worry about when making turns and backing. These hazards make it difficult for the inexperienced which is why we look into driver recruiting in order to provide a truck driver for you, if needed. One of the other things that is different when driving a truck especially if fully laden is they take a lot longer to stop than a car would, so when following it is important to not follow too closely.

Totally hassle free Truck Hire

The paperwork when renting a vehicle can be a nightmare, so at Gold Coast, Truck Rentals try have gone to great lengths to provide a fast and efficient process when you apply for a rental truck.

The experienced staff members have had years of experience helping customers find the truck that suits their needs, whether you’re moving home, the office or just moving stuff from one location to another they can customize the right solution for you at the right price. Either way, it is important that you be safe during your move, and this includes how to move your belongings.

Most people have time to plan their moves in advance and so they know the size of the load and have decided on the type of truck they require, but sometimes people just get caught out for one reason or another and have to move immediately.

The guys at Gold Coast Truck Rentals are on hand to help whenever you need them, they will provide the right truck when you need it. They have trucks that are 100% lockable, so your valuable possessions will be safe and secure anytime

Affordable and Well Maintained

All the vehicles at Gold Coast Truck Rentals are serviced after each hire, they are immaculately cleaned and maintained to the highest standard. The modern fleet comes equipped with the latest safety features and gadgets for your comfort and peace of mind and safety.

Flexible Rentals

If you have had a quote from a large moving company you will know just how expensive moving that way can be and how attractive doing it yourself with a few mates like a very attractive option.

Gold Coast Truck Rentals has a fleet of trucks to meet all moving needs, but the larger ones require more than a car license to drive. You can rent up to a 3 ton capacity covered and lockable truck that you can drive on a car license. This is more than enough for the average flat or small home, but sometimes you will need to make more than one trip and maybe be taking several days. You can arrange for a three day weekend rate or negotiate a discount for longer rental. As about off peak rental rates so you can fit your move around the best rates if you’re on a tight budget as many of us are these days

Whether you will need the truck you desire for a few days or months we at Gold Coast Truck Rentals can work out a package that gets the job done within your budget and at your convenience.

Choosing a truck from Gold Coast Truck Rentals is a safe sure bet, they are there to help the local community with unparalleled service and cost effective rentals. Let them help tailor make a package that suits your budget and needs with the least possible amount of stress and hassle.