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Which Size Van Do I Need To Hire For House Move?

Which Size Van Do I Need To Hire For House Move?

So you’ve decided to move to the house of your dreams, or maybe you’ve finally built the house of your dreams with the help of someone like these Randy jeffcoat builders. What should you do next? Well, if you haven’t already you need to plan your move. When you’re planning your DIY move, one of the most important considerations is the size of moving vehicle you will need. You could write down your inventory and ask advice from one of the Van hire services on the Gold Coast; they can give you a pretty good idea based on their experience.

But if you’re like most of us and want to do it on your own consider these ideas:

Why is Size Important?

Having a moving van that is too small means you will have to make more trips and you will be tempted to jam things in and stack stuff improperly having the right moving boxes or as the French would say boîtes de déménagement but is still dangerous. This can cause damage in transit or possible damage or injury when unloading.

If your van is too big it means you are paying for space you don’t need and it’s hard to safely stack your stuff so it won’t move around which also could be potentially dangerous. This is why it can be helpful to speak with local movers; for example, if you’re in Illinois consider calling some movers Chicago, as they would likely be able to assess your needs. If you want to do it yourself, however, there are considerations that need to be made.

Factors to Consider

  • The number of rooms to be moved
  • The size and shape of your furniture
  • The number of packed boxes you expect to have

Moving Van Sizes

There are many sizes and types of moving vans available

Ute or Pickup

If you only have a few things such as a double bed, table, chairs and a few boxes you could probably fit it all in the back of a ute. They have a space of about 2.5 cubic meters and a total weight of under 9oo kilos.

They are great for moving tall objects, but not so great for long moves cause of the weather factor

Cargo Van

These are ideal for local moves with a small amount of stuff such as a one room apartment or flat. Usually they will take about 7 cubic meters or 1,800kg. They are fuel efficient and easy to drive.

Small Truck

These are usually 3 tonners and about 10 to 12 feet long they are ideal for a couple moving house and are relatively easy to drive especially around the city. Sometimes it’s better to take two trips and not have to worry about driving a large truck.

Medium Sized Moving Van or Truck

These are usually 14 to 17 feet long and suitable for up to 2 bedroom homes, these trucks are the most popular choices and great for both local and long haul moves. They give a volume of about 800 cubic feet and up to 2,750 kg

Large moving Vans

If you’ve used Donnelly + Co. to find your dream home, it’s likely that you’ll need a large moving van to move your belongings and it’s likely you’ll have quite a lot of furniture so you will need the extra space. The largest trucks for home movers are from 20 to 26 ft long and give about 1,600 cubic feet and a maximum weight of 3,1200kg they are suitable for moving the contents of a three to four-bedroom home.

Larger trucks will require special licences and are not recommended for home movers, so talk with the guys at Van hire service on the Gold Coast to get the best choices and prices.