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What should you look for hiring a UTE?

What should you look for hiring a UTE?

If the load you want to move will fit in a ute, then see the guys at ute hire on The Gold Coast to get a great deal, but before you rush into hiring a ute, consider these things:

  • Why Hire a Ute?

When you hire a ute you know you’ll get a late model vehicle that is well maintained and ready to go. There will be no problems with Rego or insurance as these are all covered in your hire agreement. (You can, of course, opt for more insurance cover if you want.)

  • Finding The Right Fit

Take an assessment of your load so you know its weight and overall demotions to ensure the ute you hire will easily fit your load as ute trays come in different dimensions. Some utes have fold down sides for ease of loading while others are best loaded from the tailgate at the back.

If your load is very heavy, make sure it’s within the vehicle’s weight limits or get a heavy duty ute with double wheels, heavy springs and suspension. The guys at ute hire on the Gold Coast will be able to advise you about this type of issue

Maybe you will need a roof rack for long items or a tow bar if you wish to tow a trailer

  • Security

Do you need a covered and lockable ute, so everything is safe if you have to leave the ute unattended for a while or if you’re worried about rain or sun damage to your stuff?

  • Plan Your Route

Most roads will easily accommodate a standard ute, but some parking areas and off road facilities may have steep inclines, sharp corners, low bridges or doorways, so it’s a very sensible thing to take a look if possible where you need to go in your ute.

If you’re planning going off road to pick up or drop off a load you may need four wheel drive, especially if it’s wet or has soft ground

  • Load Securing

It’s vital for your own safety, that of others and to avoid a traffic infringement notice that may come with a hefty fine that you secure you load properly. If you are unsure how to tie proper knots or the best methods for securing a load talk to the guys at ute hire on the Gold coast. They will be able to show you how and provide such things as cargo nets and ropes

  • Book Early

Always book early to avoid disappointment. If you have flexible times you can hire the ute talk with the guys at Gold Coast ute hire about any special deals they may have or off-peak rates to get the best deal


Taking the time to size up your load do a bit of research about the different sizes of ute’s available to suit your load size and weight can save a lot of hassle when moving stuff. Booking your ute hire early gives you many more options and the chance to negotiate a better price with the guys at ute hire on the Gold Coast. Make sure you plan out your route carefully so you know where your going and give yourself plenty of time to make the move and return the ute to the hire company on time.