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What formalities are required while renting a truck

What formalities are required while renting a truck

When you’re looking for truck rentals on The Gold Coast there are a few minimum requirements you need in order to qualify including:

Drivers licence

Rental companies generally require you to have a current driver’s licence that you have had for over 12 months.

  • Rental companies will usually not accept provisional or learners licences and a full licence must be over 12 months old to show you have some driving experience
  • All drivers are required to be 21 years old or older, there is no upper age limit, although medical test may be required for senior drivers or those with disabilities

If you’re looking for truck rentals on the Gold Coast of under 4.5 tonnes GVM, then you will only need a standard car driving licence. This covers moving vans and light trucks.

If you wish to hire a larger truck with a heavier payload, you will need a heavy vehicle licence. These licences are only available if you have held a valid Australian licence for more than 12 months

Credit Card

Companies offering truck rentals on The Gold Coast do not accept payment in cash except by special arrangement.

Normally you need a valid and current credit card in the renter’s name, for both payment and to cover the bond, although some rental companies accept debit cards with MasterCard or Visa logos.


If you already have a comprehensive Insurance cover, you will be required to show a copy of this to your chosen truck rentals company on The Gold Coast.

Many comprehensive home owners’ insurance policies also cover some types of vehicle insurance cover, so check if you’re covered.

Most major credit cards also offer a vehicle rental cover when you use them, so check before agreeing to rental companies insurance cover options.

When looking for truck rentals on The Gold Coast you will need to show valid a driver’s licence for the category of truck you wish to hire, have a valid credit card and personal ID.