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What are the necessary accessories or gadgets you must have while travelling

What are the necessary accessories or gadgets you must have while travelling

With international travel still looking a long way away it’s time to discover this great country that we live in, Australia. The Pandemic has changed the way we think about travelling in general and with snap lockdowns, flying, even domestically has become a risk as well. Everything that’s old is new again and the good old Aussie road trip is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you are using your own car or hiring a ute on The Gold Coast, there are a few must have gadgets that will make your trip an easier and memorable one.

Magnetic Car Mount

It has become official now that we all can’t live without constant access to our mobile phone. The problem is your phone and driving don’t mix very well at all. Your number one car gadget is a magnetic car mount. Slipping into and holding onto the air vents in your car these are a wonderful addition that requires no adhesive and keep you phone in a position for easy access without having to take your eyes off the road.

Car Dash Cam

An absolute necessity or any long trip or really any trip in general is a Car dash camera. They can record the road in front of you and also the inside of your car this could be a lifesaver in more ways than one. It will record automatically if it senses unusual movement or bumps and could be the difference between an expensive accident or an easy insurance claim. The car dash cam is the perfect addition to any ute hire on The Gold Coast as you will protect yourself if you are involved in any altercations at all.

Power Inverter

How you power all your devices and cooking accessories can be a tricky situation if you don’t plan in advance. We will talk about car chargers and power banks soon, but your laptops and kettles etc wont charge on USB power you are going to need a power inverter. Turn your car into your own private electrical substation and never worry about cold coffee or a dead laptop ever again. With 2 AC outlets you will be charged for any occasion.

Power Bank

We will stick with the power theme as it fairly important on a road trip. A USB charger or car charger is great but when you need fast and powerful charging a good portable power bank will be your saviour. Some even can charge multiple devices at once this will ensure you are always able to Netflix and chill whilst on the road.

Car Mattress

Long road trips are a tiring endeavour and there is no better way to take advantage of your ute hire from The Gold Coast than with a car mattress. Turn your ute into your master bedroom with this handy addition to your trip. Self-inflatable in less than 10 minutes you will be sleeping under the stars in comfort in no time.