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What Are The Hiring Conditions For Van

What Are The Hiring Conditions For Van

When you want a van hire on the Gold Coast it’s important that to read and understand the hire contract before you sign it. If don’t understand it, ask them to explain it for you. If they don’t provide a satisfactory answer don’t sign the agreement.

It pays to shop around for the best deal, but usually a locally owned and operated hire company will give you more flexible options.

The conditions for hiring a van

To hire a van you’ll need a valid, current driver’s license. They generally will not accept learner or provisional licenses and it must be in English or provide a driving permit in English.

The minimum age for hiring a vehicle in Australia is 21 years old, but for many vehicles such as utes, sports cars and large vans you need to be 24 years old. Sometimes a person under 42 will be able to hire a van, but then they will be charged a daily underage surcharge and the insurance will be significantly higher.

When inquiring about van hire on the Gold Coast you should specify just where you wish to drive. Some hire companies will not allow their vehicles to be driven on unsealed or gravel roads. Almost all hire vehicles are not allowed to be driven off the public road system accept for when driving on a properly formed driveway or private road.

When choosing the van you require

  • It’s important to know the size and type of load you will be moving and explain this to the hiring company. Hiring van that too small means you may need to do two trips, but a van that’s too large will mean you’re paying for space you don’t need
  • If your moving perishable goods you may require a refrigerated van
  •  If you’re moving a load that may cause scratches or soil inside of the van, explain this to the hire company and they will probably suggest you hire an older model that is more suitable than a brand new on as you will be liable for any damages

Before Hiring and Accepting a Van

  • Make a thorough inspection of the van inside and out. Use your phone to take a photo of any damage with a time and date marked on it. Then make sure the rental company acknowledges the damage by writing it in the rental agreement. If you don’t they will probably charge you for the damage when you return the van
  • Make sure you understand the insurance covers you have. Most people have an insurance included in their credit card, but be sure of what this entails
  • Know about the conditions and amounts of the damage excess and under what conditions you will be required to pay this
  • Be very clear about third party cover and do not hire a van without this
  • Ask about your responsibilities and rights in case of a single-vehicle accident i.e. if you drive into a tree

To have a van hire on the Gold Coast you need to be 24 years or older and have a current drivers license written in English. It’s important you understand the whole of the hire agreement including your obligations in the event you are involved in any type of accident.