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Top Tips to travel around Australia on a budget

Top Tips to travel around Australia on a budget

When you decide to go on that road trip around Australia it’s well worth talking to the guys at van hire on The Gold Coast especially if you’re going on a budget. There are a number of great reasons to hire a van from Gold Coast van hire rather than buying one.

  • When you hire a van, you don’t tie all your money up in the vehicle
  • You don’t have to worry about reselling it when your trip is over
  • You don’t have to pay registration and roadworthy charges
  • The cost of or repairs as this is all down to the hire company
  • Hiring a van makes budgeting your whole trip much easier and less stressful.

Your only expense is the fuel you use and the daily rental, which, if you are going for a long trip you can negotiate before you leave with the guys at van hire on the Gold Coast.

  • Independence

Having a hire van to travel in means you’re independent and can go where you like, you can see the things you want and have the option of visiting places that are not well known. If you get a 4×4 you can take advantage of more remote places that are not accessible to backpackers or those using bus transportation

  • Saving money

Being able to camp out of a hire van means you can save on the cost of accommodation which for several people can easily amount to, more than the daily cost of your van hire so your on a winner from the start

  • Trouble free motoring and comfort

One huge advantage of hiring a modern, well maintained hire van is you have trouble-free motoring in comfort and style. With a late model van you get the benefit of a more economical unity so you save on fuel consumption while still being able to make good road time between points of interest and should you have a problem your rental company will take care of it for you

  • Creature comforts

If you are planning an extended road trip, it’s worth looking into having an extra solar powered power supply so you can get off-grid, completely for a few days in some of the great locations around Australia. Night light and fridges can take up lots of power and a solar charger can get you out of a jam if your main battery is flat in a remote area

Always consider your bedding arrangements as a good night’s sleep is important when travelling, there is nothing worse than an uncomfortable bed. Some other things to consider ensuring your trip will be pleasant and a success:

  • Have a good sound system (this you will have in hire vans from The Gold Coast)
  • Have rechargeable torches and an inverter so you can charge from the van
  • Bring good books for times you want to chill out or have to wait unexpectedly
  • Invest in a car fridge and good water bottles
  • Take lots of maps or at least have access to Google Earth Maps

Australia is huge and there are so many great places you can get to in a van hired form van hire on The Gold Coast. It’s one of the best ways to have a trouble free and budgeted driving holiday around Australia. Giving you the freedom to go anywhere in your own time and pace.