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Top tips to make moving house easy & cheap

Top tips to make moving house easy & cheap

If moving house isn’t one of the top three worst things a human being must endure then it’s well and truly in the top ten. If money and children are the main reason for parents arguing, moving house has to be third. The joy of finding your dream home can suddenly become a nightmare when you realise you have a lifetime of possessions you need to cram into a truck. The team at Trucks4rent are here to make your life easier when you are in your hours of need. They have the best fleet of utes and trucks for hire on The Gold Coast, see below some great tips for making moving house easy and cheap.

  1. Decide how you are going to move.

Let’s be honest and say that the only way to move is to hire a removalist!! Sure, there is still plenty of work to be done leading up to moving day, but we will get to that.

  • You have decided to move yourself …. Congrats you brave individual.
  • Next is what transport you are going to need, the team at Trucks4rent can help you here with a ute or a truck hire on The Gold Coast. This decision will be made for you depending how big a hoarder you are, will you need a ute or a 3-tonne truck?
  • Beg as many friends as you can to help you, begging and presents work really well here.
  • You are set!
  1. Be brutal.

My personal rule is that anything that you haven’t used in 12 months or you can’t remember the last time you used it gets tossed. Don’t move anything that you don’t intend using, you will thank yourself in the end when you have carried 25 boxes into the house. Whatever you pack you have to carry that box and then unpack it, so BE BRUTAL. Justify it to yourself that you are feeling generous and philanthropic and somewhere a house needs those candlesticks that have sat in the cupboard for 3 years.

  1. Free boxes and start early.

Moving boxes can be expensive with new boxes costing around $4 to $5 each. Try Facebook Marketplace you will usually find people giving them away. You can get many people at a weak moment after they have moved and have vowed never to move again, they are usually incredibly happy to be rid of the memories of moving.

Start the boxing process early, as you feel you won’t have a need for an item, pack it away in a box. You will thank yourself for this when time starts to run out further down the track.

  1. Fill your boxes to the brim.

This tip actually works two ways.

  • The more you cram into each box the less boxes you must carry.
  • The boxes are more stable when full and easier to stack.

Moving boxes love being filled to the brim, in fact they work their best under strain, if you use good packing tape and double tape the boxes you will be on easy street.

  1. Clearly mark all boxes.

Sounds like a pretty simple one but this could almost be the most important rule of all. You only want to move each box once, so clearly mark what is in the box and where it lives in the new house!

There are five easy tips how to make moving house easy and cheap, the boys are Truck4rent are experts in this area and are here to make you move as easy as possible. For your Ute and Truck hire on the Gold Coast talk to Trucks4rent