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Top Reasons to hire a UTE from a trusted company

Top Reasons to hire a UTE from a trusted company

When looking for a Gold Coast UTE hire there are lots of companies to choose from, but it’s best to only use a trusted company for these reasons:

  • Hidden charges

A reputable and trustworthy Gold Coast ute hire company will ensure that you understand all the cost involve with your ute hire and not conceal any of them. They will explain all the fine print to you so you know exactly what you’re signing.

Some companies skip over the fine print, not wanting you to see conditions you may not be happy with

  • Insurance hard sell

Some of the Gold Coast ute hire companies try to insist that you buy their insurance packages. By including high damage insurance excesses where you have to pay a large amount for any claim before the insurance starts your cover, they attempt to inflate the price by asking you to pay a fee to have the large excesses waived.

Because of these excesses charges you’re likely to be forced to pay for even tiny scratches that you did not cause, but they claim you did.

Always inspect the ute before accepting it and use your phone camera to record any damage both inside and outside.

In most cases people have to use their credit card to hire a ute, the major credit card companies offer a free insurance cover for vehicle hire so you are likely to be already covered or purchase a cheaper comprehensive policy, online

  • Unauthorized and unfair charges

Many of the problems people have with vehicle hire companies are for spurious extra charges that were not explained or disclosed to them when they agreed to the hire.

Extra charges can include refueling charges, cleaning and disinfecting charges, excess mileage and in some cases administration charges

Always look for a Gold Coast ute hire company that has all inclusive prices without any sneaky fees or charges and gives you a total final price

  • Dodgy repairs

Another ploy is to try and force you to pay for repairs that were already on the ute. If you don’t have evidence the damage was their when you hired the ute they may charge you for it, so inspect the vehicle and make sure any damage is recorded on the hire agreement and signed by the company.

Unscrupulous employees and companies will have the same damaged charged to successive customers and not have it repaired

  • Poor maintenance and servicing

A trusted and reputable Gold Coast ute hire company will make sure all their vehicles are maintained to the highest standards with regular servicing and a total safety check between each hire. They should have their own repair shop staffed with qualified and experienced mechanics and vehicle technicians to maintain and service their fleet.

So, When you hire UTE in Gold Coast use a company which is known for their trustworthiness and customer service.