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Top Benefits of hiring truck from a trusted company

Top Benefits of hiring truck from a trusted company

When you need to hire a truck for moving anything, whether a load of rubbish when clearing the back of your section to moving your household, it pays to use a trusted Gold Coast truck hire company to ensure you have a trouble free move.

Some of the reasons to use a trusted local truck hire company are:

Better customer service

Locally owned and managed Gold Coast truck hire companies are all about giving a great customer service. They don’t have to toe the line that binds franchised companies which have to follow national company policy. They can be much more flexible to the local’s needs, with the freedom to make their own rules and policies that better suit the local conditions and people.

You know you’re going to be looked after

With a local trusted Gold Coast truck rental company you know they will maintain their fleet of modern vehicles in top condition. This ensures that you are very unlikely to have breakdowns or problems with the vehicle during your hire, but if you do have a problem they will be there to assist you.

They offer training on any aspects of using their trucks so you can feel 100 per cent confident driving and using any of their equipment, including a pre-hire test drive to ensure you are getting a truck that suits your purpose and driving abilities.

Cost Right

Some hire companies may seem cheap initially, but they have hidden costs that can send up the total rental costs for the unwary. Using a trusted local Gold Coast truck hire company means you have the advantage of being able to negotiate a fixed price for your whole hire with no hidden extras.


All the rental agreements have a standard insurance cover that covers them for any issues that may arise due to your truck hire. When you use a trusted local company, you have the option of using your own cover that is provided in your household cover or from your credit card. In this way, you do not have to worry about additional costs for minor or even major damage caused during your hire. Without adequate cover you could be liable for excessive cost .

Bigger isn’t always better

The biggest Gold Coast truck rental firms are not always the best as they can be very inflexible and not so accommodating to the needs of individual clients. A local company that takes the time to ensure that you get the right truck to do the job you have, at the right price as well as ensuring your customer satisfaction is very important to the success of your hire experience.

Often it’s the little extras that can make all the difference such as being added accessories that make your jobs so much easier when hiring a truck.

Using a trusted Gold Coast truck hire firm will ensure you will find the best customer service and be looked after properly. They will go out of their way to make sure you have the right truck to suit your needs and driving ability and that your total hire experience is pleasant and issue free.