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Top Benefits of hiring a UTE for home shifting

Top Benefits of hiring a UTE for home shifting

When you’re making a move, one of the best options is to grab a ute from the guys at ute hire on the Gold Coast. They have a variety of utes to suit most types of move from local destinations to interstate locations. Being a local company they are interested in servicing their local community with the best local deals possible.

Some of the top benefits of hiring a utes for when you want to shift your home are:

Great Local Service

The guys at your local ute hire service on the Gold Coast are always ready to offer you the best service at the best possible prices. Being locally owned and managed the can make special deals that suit the local conditions.

Their utes are always well maintained so you know your hire will be trouble free and your gear safe. They can offer utes for heavy loads, bulky or long items at affordable prices. You can check their website and find out how other satisfied customers enjoyed their ute hire.

All base prices are listed, but you can always talk to them about mates rates and off peak special rental rates. Maybe a three day weekend is your style or an overnight move will suit you best

Always try and book early to avoid disappointment as especially during busy times, as utes are in high demand.

Easy To Drive

With a range of easy to drive utes with auto or manual transmissions, they offer the latest models for your driving pleasure and comfort that only need a normal drivers licence. Large, powerful, but economical engines ensure you will get there without any problem.

With three seats in the front, there is room to take an extra two people to help with the lifting and carrying when you get there. Full air conditioning and onboard sound systems are normal in all utes to give you a comfortable, low stress trip. They can also provide satellite navigation systems and Wi-Fi if needed.

Extras Available

Whether you require a flatbed ute or a covered and lockable unit you will find one with the particular specifications you require at ute hire on the Gold Coast. They have models with roof racks and tow bars if needed. You can get a hydraulic lift for carrying heavy items such as pianos, a tip tray for easy unloading, they can arrange for suitable trolleys, blankets, ropes and hand carts if required.

Off Road

If you want to take your load a bit off the beaten track you will possibly be interested in a four wheel drive model or an older model ute that can take a bit of the rough stuff without having to worry about any damage that could happen to a new model such as marking the tray. Ask the guys at ute hire on the Gold Coast about these options and enjoy a lower base rental rate.

When you are looking to finally make a move to a new place a UTE hire on the Gold Coast is one of the leading options for affordability and reliability. Their friendly customer service and helpful no fuss attitude ensures you get the right ute for hire at the right price and time that your require.