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Top Benefits of Hiring a Truck for Goods Transfer

Top Benefits of Hiring a Truck for Goods Transfer

When you have stuff you need to transfer whether it’s a once off operation or you make regular goods transfers such as deliveries or shipments of products, using a Gold Coast truck hire makes good economic sense and can save you a lot of time as well as money.

Some of the benefits of hiring a truck for your goods transfers are:

Reduced overheads

The cost of owning a truck is much more than the actual purchase price of the truck, things such as replacement costs, wear and tear of the tyres and engine, cleaning and garaging, deprecation, maintenance, road tax, insurance, loan and finance repayment costs and interest all have to be taken into consideration when accessing the cost of owning and operating a truck. With a hire truck, you have no worries and no maintenance responsibilities these are all the problem of the hire company.

The ownership costs of your own truck very quickly add up and if you’re not using your truck continually, the cost of deliveries or goods transfers can be much higher than it would be to use a Gold Coast truck hire service as needed.

Total control

When you take a Gold Coast truck hire you are in complete control of the time you start the hire and when you return the truck to the depot or it’s collected from you. You don’t have to wait for drivers or other deliveries to be completed so you’ll always be on time.

It also allows for easier budgeting and delivery charge estimates as the whole hire is a fixed predetermined price

Total availability

The truck you require or have selected will always be available as long as you have made the necessary arrangements before the hire so it’s available 24/7 and 365 days a year.

A variety of sizes and types to suit any load

Gold Coast truck hire has a fleet of trucks of all sizes for you to choose from, so you can get a truck to suit your load. No more worries about overloading a small truck or the unnecessary expense of driving around with a huge truck and a small load.

They have flatbed trucks, covered trucks, lockable, refrigerated trucks, tippers, trucks with winches, trucks with hydraulic lifts, cranes, trucks with four wheel drive or standard, in fact, a truck for almost any purpose you can think of.

Fixed or adjustable rental agreements and flexible rates

You can have an arrangement where you have a fixed standard rental at the times you select and require, a flexible arrangement where you can grab a truck as required or just a one off rental.

Gold Coast truck hire is willing to negotiate for long term rentals as well as give great discounts to locals on one-off deals, so go down and have a chat with the team, their customer service is second to none on The Gold Coast.

When you make a Gold Coast truck rental it removes the stress from your goods transfers, you don’t need to worry about wear and tear on the vehicle or the cost of maintenance or repairs. The rental price you negotiate is all inclusive so you know the full cost beforehand so can easily budget the job accordingly.