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Top 5 Money Saving Tips Before Hiring A Van

Top 5 Money Saving Tips Before Hiring A Van

If you want to move your belongs to a new location, wish to do it yourself to save money and have the convenience of being able to take your time while doing other things while you’re on your way, van hire on the Gold Coast is the way to go.

These top five tips will help you save money before you hire a van:

  1. Pick a local company with a good local reputation

By doing a Google search on the local companies, you will soon pick up on those that really look after their customers and those that leave them with a few unresolved issues.

Find a company that doesn’t have any hidden charges, is totally transparent and always maintains their fleet in top condition. That way you will be unlikely to have any problems during or after your trip.

  1. Size does matter

Work out the size of the van you require as you will be paying a different amount for different sizes of vehicle. You really don’t want to have a huge van for a small load and have to pave for space you don’t need. On the other hand, if you find the load is just too big for your van causing you to make multiple trips it can cost more in time and fuel. The other aspect is fuel economy, a large van with a big engine uses much more fuel than a smaller less powerful option.

  1. Rental company, hire rates

All rental companies have very similar base rates for similar types and sizes of vans, but they also at times offer different discounts and concessions, so always ask about discounts. Sometimes it’s better to book a van at an off-peak time or even ask them when they can offer you the best rate. When they have quiet times they are more inclined to give you a good discount. Always find out about the charges imposed if you’re late returning the vehicle as sometimes things beyond your control happen.

  1. Ask about one way and two way rentals

Many rental companies will offer a discount if you’re taking a vehicle back to them from another place, so if you’re moving to another city or state, ask the different companies about one way rentals, often they will give you a good discount to return a van as you’re doing them a service.

  1. Consider that amount of time you require the van and book early

Often, if you need a van for more than a day or two you can negotiate a better rate and sometimes rental companies offer three day weekends for the price of two days. Overnight rates can also be considerably cheaper if you take the van just before closing and return it very early the next morning.

Making an early booking is almost always cheaper than making a hire at the last minute and you can always change it if needed.

When making a van rental on the Gold Coast you can save money by using a local company and taking advantage of their local discounts and their super friendly service. It pays to check around before you make a final choice and google search those companies to be sure.