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Tips to Make your travel tour more enjoyable with cheap van hire

Tips to Make your travel tour more enjoyable with cheap van hire

When you have the urge to take travel or tour around Australia, whether you plan on staying in hostels, camping out or doing the motel experience or a mixture of all three, you can’t beat the deals offered by van hire on the Gold Coast. They offer deals perfect for small groups traveling together or for just a couple wanting to go alone and carry extras like a fridge and some comfort gear.

A few ideas from the guys at van hire on the Gold Coast to help make your travel tour more enjoyable with a cheap van hire are:

Decide where you want to go and for how long

The type of van you need will depend on where you want to go and how long you’re going for.

A short trip of a few days can be comfortably done in a van with a group of friends; there is room for luggage and up to 12 people in a van to be driven on a standard drivers license.

A camper van can accommodate 2 to 6 people and they come in two or four-wheel drive models depending on where you wish to travel. For extended traveling a fridge is a great idea for keeping food and drinks, which allows you to be much more independent.

Local or interstate

When traveling locally, you can easily return the vehicle to the home depot, but when you wish to travel interstate, often, it’s best to look for a one way hire so you do not have to come back. Of cause, if traveling right around Australia, then this is not an issue. At van hire on the Gold Coast you can get some really great deals on long term rentals designed just for this purpose.

The benefits of renting a vehicle

There are many benefits to renting a van as opposed to buying one

  1. They come fully equipped with the stuff you require, whether you’re looking to just carry friends or a fully equipped camper van
  2. You get 24/7 roadside assist for breakdowns
  3. You don’t have to worry about buying a vehicle that has not been serviced properly. Many vans for sale have done at least one circuit of Australia if they stayed on the main highway, that would be about 16,000 klms
  4. Did they change the oil at least twice and have at least one full service which can cost up to $500 or more
  5. With a rental the tyres are covered if you need to replace a tyre it can cost from $100 to $300 per tyre
  6. You do not have to wait around to find a buyer and are unlikely to recover all the costs of your van when selling
  7. You can get a great deals on longer term rentals that offer great savings
  8. You don’t have to worry about registration and transfer fees

Talk with the guys at van hire on the Gold Coast they will find the right van for you at the right price and get you all the extras you need to make your travel tour stress free, safer and more enjoyable, whether you’re a couple or a group of up to 12 people.