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Thinking of moving your house? Hire Trucks for easy shifting

Thinking of moving your house? Hire Trucks for easy shifting

If you’re thinking about a Gold Coast truck hire there are a few factors worth considering. Whether you’re moving one person or a whole family, this can be a stressful time. Making sure you have the right Gold Coast truck hire company to provide your truck is an important starting point. Here are some other consideration to contemplate:

  • The size of truck

Picking the right-sized truck for your move is important as you don’t want to have to come back for a second load or drive a half-empty truck and have to pay for space you don’t need or the extra flue required to move it.

Try and get a good idea of the total volume of your load and its estimated weight, then talk with the guys at Gold Coast Truck Hire and they will advise you on the size truck you need

  • Extras

Do you have heavy stuff like king-sized beds, piano, dual door or side by side refrigerators that are hard to move? You may require a hydraulic lifter or truck with a loading ramp.

Maybe you will just have a short move, so want a flatbed truck you can load from all sides or you may have a long distance to travel or park up overnight, so need a truck with a lockable body.

Maybe you need dollies, trolleys or hand carts, cargo nets or straps, a roof rack for long loads or a tow bar for towing a trailer.

Is your new place on a sealed road or will you need 4×4 and off-road abilities?

  • The Driver

Who will be driving, do they have experience driving a truck and a suitable licence, some smaller trucks can be driven on a car licence, while larger trucks require a truck licence such as a LR or MR and generally over 25 years old. Most trucks have seating for three people and are equipped with air con and sound systems for comfort

If you are not familiar with the truck you want to hire it’s important you get to know its features before you set off, so ask for a demo and a practice run. Learn the truck’s turning circle and height because of bridges and underpasses. It’s important to understand that a loaded truck needs more space on the road and takes longer to stop than a car

  • Booking

Make your booking as soon as you have a moving date as an early booking will ensure your truck will be available at the time you require. You will also be in a better position to make a deal with the guys at Gold Coast truck hire. They might even have a one-way truck hire that needs to be returned, so you get a real bargain

  • Check the Route to Your Destination

Take a bit of time to sort out the best and least congested route to your destination as well as the width of the areas and roads you need to travel as well as any private driveways you need to use, so you don’t end up getting stuck

The Guys at Gold Coast truck hire have a very friendly and approachable customer service department and will be happy to help find you the right-sized truck for your move and provide everything you need at the right price, but book early, as they are in high demand.