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Things To Do Before And After Renting A Vehicle

Things To Do Before And After Renting A Vehicle

Before you rent a vehicle it pays to do a bit of research to find the best price that will do the job for you. The cheapest isn’t always the best option as convenience, is an important consideration as well. Most van hire companies on the Gold Coast are very accommodating and helpful. You can tell a lot by phoning them and talking about specials and discounts

These are some things to do before you hire a vehicle:

  • Decide on, just where you want to go in the rental

Make a plan of your travels as unless you get unlimited miles on your rental agreement you will have to pay per kilometer you travel and this can add up.

If you plan on going off the main road system you need to make sure your rental company allows you to take the vehicle off the paved road as most companies will not allow the vehicle off sealed roads

  • Decide who is driving

Rental companies charge extra for each driver, and if that driver is under 25 if can be quite expensive. If an unauthorized driver has an accident or is caught, then all insurance is wiped and it could be very expensive

  • Check out your Insurance

Many home insurance covers now include a free car rental so it’s worth checking this out with your insurance company. Most major credit cards also provide a free, comprehensive vehicle insurance cover if you use their card for the cost of the rental. Ask the van hire company on the Gold Coast about a reduced insurance as you have your own cover.

Either of these options can save you a lot of money as rental companies charge a higher rate for insurance cover. But you really need to confirm just what is and is not covered before you take a rental vehicle

  • Take a photo record

Before you take possession of a rental take a good look at it and taker a photo of any marks or damage both inside and outside. If you find any damage make sure it’s noted on the rental agreement. If you don’t, you will probably be billed for it, as they will say you did it

When you return the rental

  • Return it on time

Make sure you return it before the due time as even a few minutes late and they can charge you an extra day

  • Fill the tank

When you get the vehicle it will be full of fuel and you are expected to bring it back full. If you don’t they will fill it themselves and charge you a much higher price, plus a surcharge.

When you return the vehicle take photos of the exterior and interior on your cell phone to prove that you did not cause any damage and also one of the mileage. It cost nothing, but you then have a time and date photo as proof just incase.