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Things To Consider Before Hiring UTE

Things To Consider Before Hiring UTE

When you decide to make a ute hire on the Gold Coast there are a few things to consider before you decide on which company to choose. The most important things are that you get the right ute for the job, it’s at the right price and you get the best customer service.

Getting the best price

If you shop around, you can get an idea of the general price for the size of ute you require. When you talk to a rental company ask them about their discounts and off peak rates. There is always a substantial difference between the rate they will charge during their busy times and when they have slack periods such as midweek. Some rental companies offer free extras to draw in customers. Always check your personal insurance and credit card to see if your rental is covered.


It is very convenient to have the ute dropped off to your place when you require it and have the company collect it after you have finished. Some of the local companies offer such services and the cost of this can vary depending on the time of day you require them to drop it off and the distance they have to travel to get to your place. Sometimes this could be quite expensive, but then if you a relying on a taxi to get you to the depot to pick up the ute, having them deliver it may be your best option

Book in Advance

It’s always a good idea to book as soon as you have decided on the right company, size of ute you want and the dates you will require the ute. This is because if you leave it to the last minute you’re likely to find the ute you want is not available and you have to take a more expensive or less appropriate vehicle to the one you want.

You can always cancel or change your booking right up until 24 hours before the rental time if need be at no cost.

Pick the Right Ute for the Job

There is a range of utes available and it’s best to consider which one will suit the job you have to do. If your hauling rocks or aggregate, clearing the back section or taking trips to the dump then you are probably best telling the hire company you want an older ute and describing the load you’ll be carrying so they can supply an older vehicle that’s appropriate. If you get a nice new, unmarked ute and give it back with the tray scratched and marked then you will be expected to pay for any damage.

It’s also important to match your load size to the right ute. Some ute’s have a covered tray, others come with roof racks for long loads. Some are designed to move household lots while others have a chiller unit for transporting perishables.

Choosing a local company when looking for a ute hire on the Gold Coast can mean you get the best friendly service at the right price and the most flexible hire conditions. Smaller local companies look after their customers and offer complete satisfaction and great deals.