The Ultimate guide to hire a Van in Gold Coast

When you want to use a van hire service on the Gold Coast there are a few things you should know.

Age and Eligibility

To rent a van that can be driven on a standard car licence, in Australia is a Class C licence for vehicles under 4.5 tonnes and up to 12 seats

  • 21 is the minimum age to rent
  • There is a surcharge for anyone under 24 years of age, of $27.50 per day. This is on top of the rental fee

All current licences are recognised both Australian and from Overseas as long as they are written in English or have an official English translation.

Note: expired licences, student, probationary or provisional licences a not acceptable at any rental agencies.

Normally the minimum rental time is 12 hours unless by special arrangement.

There is no maximum time limit on van rentals you can rent for as long as you require

There are special deals available for people wishing to have a van for long term rentals, say a trip around Australia of more than 30 days.

If you’re planning a long term rental go and talk with the guys at van hire services on the Gold Coast and they will find the right deal for you

Security Deposit

You usually need to provide a security deposit when renting a van, this can be a charge on your debit or credit card or cash depending on the van hire service on the Gold Coast.

Bond can be from $100 to several thousand dollars depending on the company, the exact type of van you hire and the conditions of your agreement.


Check your credit card for travel insurance you may be covered.

All vehicle rentals in Australia include a standard protection that includes 3rd party cover.

Note that only authorised drivers on the rental agreement are permitted to drive rental vans and there’s no insurance cover for unauthorised drivers.

Extra drivers are charged a daily fee of around $5 per day per driver

There are varying levels of insurance protection as optional extras available to reduce or eliminate any excess charge for damages.

How to pay

All rental companies require you to pay your rental in advance, except for long term rentals by arrangement.

They accept all major debit and credit cards, but most will not take cash payments.

A check list to Rent a Van on The Gold Coast         

  • Are you at least 21 years old?
  • Do you have a valid driver’s licence?
  • You will need to pay all fees at the start of the rental contract
  • Have you a debit or credit card?
  • Do will need to pay a security deposit
  • Do you have adequate insurance protection?

Things to consider

Make an early booking to get the best rates and ensure availability of your van

Pick off season times to get the best deals and plan your trip there and back again

When you use a van hire service on the Gold Coast you need to be 21 or older, have a full current driver’s licence and a credit or bank card to pay all fees and a security deposit. All rentals have third party cover, but you need to check your insurance options

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