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The Hyundai iLoad Van In Detail – A Review

The Hyundai iLoad Van In Detail – A Review

The Hyundai iLoad Van has generated quite a lot of buzz, particularly from people who are van enthusiasts. If you are looking for a large van workhorse that enables you to transport a good amount of products, then the Hyundai iLoad Van could be a great option for your business.

Cost of the Hyundai iLoad Van

The Hyundai iLoad lineup starts at $41,380 but if you want to step up from the base model it could cost you just shy of the $50,000 mark.

With a 2.5L diesel-powered engine available in both manual and automatic, there is sure to be a model in the range of both Van or Crew Van range that will suit your needs.

The features of the Hyundai iLoad Van

Spacious and comfortable to drive the Hyundai iLoad has most of the mod cons that you would find in a standard car. In fact, the Hyundai iLoad is just like driving an extra-large car but with a lot more room in the boot for any of your needs. Almost every car on the road has smartphone connectivity and the iLoad is no different, Bluetooth, Apple Carplay or Android compatibility all on a 7” touchscreen will ensure your time spent in the van is as safe as possible with hands-free capabilities. With audio controls on the steering wheel and power windows and mirrors, you will feel like you are driving  a sports car and not a van.

The Colours in the Hyundai iLoad Range

The colours available in the Hyundai iLoad Van range include the following:

  • Creamy White
  • Timeless Black
  • Hyper Metallic

The Hyundai iLoad Van Experience

The latest Hyundai iLoad Van is extremely comfortable to drive, and actually feels more like driving a car than a work van. The sheer size and weight are such that it can carry a good amount of weight in the back and not lose any feel on the road. Available in both manual and automatic transmissions you can choose what suits you best, if you like the control of a manual transmission the 2.5L Diesel engine will have more than enough power for your needs.

The automatic transmission will take care of the thinking for you and ensure that you are in the right gear and have the engine performing at its peak for you. The drive is as comfortable as the atmosphere in the van due to Hyundai acoustic enhancements to make sure that you are distracted by anything than what is on the road in front of you.

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