Relocating? Top tips for packing and moving house

When you’re planning on making a move, there are a few things the guys at van hire on the Gold Coast suggest you can do to make it easier:

  • Don’t Procrastinate

Once you have decided to make a move, it’s time to make a plan of action. Start by drawing a floor plan of the new place and get an idea of where your stuff will fit. Consider all your stuff and decide what you really want to take and what your better getting rid of. Do you need a new bed, refrigerator or lounge sweet. This it the perfect time to change them. Recycle sell, swap or give away what you don’t want.

  • Pack room by room

Start packing in a room you use the least and pack things you can do without for now

If you have plenty of time you can pack slowly and neatly a few boxes a day. Write on each box the contents and mark down on your floor plan where you’ll place the box and what the contents are. Consider using a different colour marker to write on each rooms boxes to help identify them during the move. This will make unpacking easier and you will not lose track of your stuff.

Do not mix up the contents of the boxes for each room. Small items are easily lost so wrapping them in coloured paper helps to avoid throwing them out by mistake with packing paper

  • Use proper packing paper

Avoid using paper with print on it as this can be transferred to the items you wrap with it, use unbleached clean news print or packing paper

  • Use Moving boxes

Moving boxes are made strong to take the weight when moving and are a uniform size for easy handling and stacking.

Ex grocery store boxes could contain extras such as cockroach eggs and are flimsy, so may burst with the weight of articles you want to pack in them.

Check out the size of moving vans available at van hire centers on the Gold Coast to make sure you have a suitable sized van for your move and book early to avail of discounts as well as being sure you have a van when you need it

  • Packing Breakables

Fragile and breakable objects like glass wear and crockery can be wrapped in soft clothing or bath towels. It’s better to spread the weight over a few boxed rather than have heavy difficult to carry boxes.

  • Have a few mates to Help

Don’t leave it to the last minute to ask your mates or family to give a hand during your move and order some good snacks to make a party when you’re moved in, as a thank you

  • Some Thing are better not packed

Things of great value are better transported personally and not packed up, as are important documents like passports and legal documents.

When you decide to relocate and are thinking about packing your stuff, start with a good plan of the move. Make a floor plan and pack each room slowly and individually. Get an idea of how big a moving van you need and talk with the guys at van hire on the Gold Coast to book your van in advance.

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