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Important Things To Consider While Loading & Unloading Your Items From Van

Important Things To Consider While Loading & Unloading Your Items From Van

There is a lot more to transporting your goods in a van than just throwing your stuff in the back and driving off. In fact, it’s a legal requirement that all loads must be secured properly and that all loads must be packed in a way that doesn’t present a threat or possible danger to others. The guys at the van hire centers on the Gold Coast can advise you on some of the best methods and common sense also plays an important role when packing and unpacking a van.

Load Large and heavy Items first

If you load all the heavy items such as drawer units, refrigerators and cabinets first you can often place smaller well wrapped items inside. This helps to utilize your space to the maximum and also protects them from damage

  • These heavy items should be evenly placed in your van in areas that can take the weight such as over the rear springs.
  • Place mirrors and shelving along the walls so they can easily be secured.
  • Top Heavy items such as tables should be if possible transported upside down or dismantled. This makes them less likely to move around and easier to pack and unpack
  • Place all the heavy items on the bottom and the lightest on the top. This will prevent damage and also ensure the load’s center of gravity is as low as possible.
  • Load the van from the back to the front where possible and utilize any space such as under chairs or foot wells as these can be tightly packed and help to prevent the load’s This will help distribute the weight evenly over the rear wheels to the front area
  • It’s a good policy to place a barrier between the driver(and passengers) as even with a secured load in an emergency stop the load could shift and endanger the occupants. This could be with mesh netting or a well secured sheet of plywood.
  • Use the correct posture when lifting objects as you can easily be injured even with relatively light objects it you use incorrect lifting techniques.

Secure your goods

Unless very well secured cargo can move around during a trip so it’s very important to tie or pack it securely. Not only could they be damaged during transit, but they can pile up against the van’s doors, causing difficulty and danger when being unpacked. Ask at van hire centers on the Gold Coast about the best methods to secure your load.

When you get an object that is oversize and needs to go on a roof rack, insure any overhang is within the local areas rules as a step fine could be imposed for over long or over wide loads throughout Queensland. Any overhang needs to be clearly marked with a flag so it can easily be seen by any other motorists.

Drive safely

Driving a van under load is a very different experience than driving unloaded or in a car. The steering and braking abilities are changed so extreme caution needs to be observed.

When loading and unloading a hire van on the Gold Coast load the heavy thing first and ensure you load is properly secured to avoid movement and making unloading easier