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How to plan a road trip on budget

How to plan a road trip on budget

With International travel on the back burner for now, to get your travel fix you are going to have to spend some time discovering our wonderful country Australia. The best and cheapest way is on a road trip. Never fear if you don’t have your own car or van for the trip the team at Trucks4Rent will help you will your Van Hire on The Gold Coast

  1. Plan out your route ahead of time

The first thing you’ll want to do is plan out your route ahead of time. This will allow you to map out your breaks and where you are stopping for the night. It will help you figure out how much fuel you will require as well as making sure that your destinations are all within a reasonable driving distance from each other.

2. Book accommodation in advance to get the best price

To make sure that you have a great trip and to save money, book your accommodation in advance. Hotels tend to be more expensive nearer the time you arrive, so if possible, try to plan out where you’ll want to stay and find the best and cheapest accommodation available. It’s also great to check that your accommodation has parking for your Van Hire from Trucks4Rent on The Gold Coast

3. Pack food and snacks for long drives

The best part of a good road trip is the snacks, I have heard a rumour that whatever you eat in a car you can’t gain weight from. Now I may have started that rumour, but its not a bad one. The problem with the road trip snacks is that it can be awfully expensive if you are relying on petrol stop to not only fill your car but your belly. Plan ahead and make some snacks for the trip, sandwiches, fruit and of course bulk packets and chocolates and chips are the best way to experience Australia on a road trip.

4. Set a budget limit and stick to it

Like planning every holiday it’s particularly important to set a budget and then stick to it. This is helped by the previous three points and especially by planning in advance. As with every holiday there will be unforeseen costs that pop up and by having a budget you won’t limp home broke and hanging out for your next pay cheque.

5. Stay off your phone when driving – it’s not safe!

The mobile phone is an amazing addition to your road tripping future. Not only can they now be fully fledged GPS systems they can also help you research whilst on the way to destinations. One thing though DO NOT USE THEM WHILE DRIVING! Get yourself a good mount for your phone and attach it and it should never leave that mount while you are driving. For a couple of reasons –

  • It now costs you a small fortune if you are caught using your mobile phone whilst driving. The crackdown has made it fiscally irresponsible to use a mobile whilst driving.
  • It is not safe, always keep your eyes on the road.

6. Download a Fuel APP

It is important that you download a cheap fuel app, this will be a godsend and save you plenty of cash as well. RACQ have the RACQ Fair Fuel Finder App, and it will let you the cheapest fuel in your area. Don’t rely on turning up to any old petrol station, be smart and plan your fuel stop with an APP.