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How To Get The Best Van Hire Deal?

How To Get The Best Van Hire Deal?

When you want a van hire on the Gold Coast, there are a number of things you can do to ensure you get the best possible deal. Some of these are

  • Shop Around

All rental companies will offer a discount or reduced hire in their off times. Their advertised price is not necessarily their best price, often it’s an average price and you can do much better by asking them when they will have off-peak discounts.

If you are doing a long one-way trip ask different rental companies if they have vehicles they need taken to your destination or nearby. You can often get a very good deal if you’re returning a long distance rental van.

Often, if you can do your van hire overnight you can get a very good overnight rate

  • Different locations

Try getting quotes from different locations there can be a large daily rental difference between renting from airports and rural areas likewise a depot in the main center will charge more for the same car from a depot just out of the main center

If you’re flying in check out the different airport free shuttle services and bus fares, as you can often quickly and cheaply find a location where you can negotiate a better deal

  • Skip the Upsells

Vehicle hire centers are very competitive in their basic hire rates and are always trying to upsell to make more income. Most of these such as car upgrades, GPS devices and entertainment systems like bluetooth, are in this category. These things you don’t need and can add a lot to your daily rental

  • Insurance

All rental agreements come with a minimal insurance cover by government regulation, be sure to check out the fine print so you know your cover.

As you will be paying using a credit card it most likely has a comprehensive hire vehicle cover. Avoid the rental companies advise to purchase extra insurance

  • Membership Discounts

Many large clubs and groups have discounts prearranged with vehicle rental companies so you maybe already entitled to a discount through one of these without knowing. Many large companies and corporations are also able to offer their employees discounts from certain rental companies

Ask about their current promotions

Just like other business rental companies run promotions to attract customers, but if you do not ask they will not tell you. Promotions can include things like getting a free child booster car seat. Sometimes they offer an extra day rental free if you take the vehicle for longer periods such as 7 days rental for the price of 5 or even offering a 3 day weekend for the cost of 2 days

  • Avoid Age Requirements

If you are under 25 you may have to pay extra fees because of the age requirements, to get around this do not book the vehicle in your name, take someone over 25 to hire and drive the rental.

Having a Van hire on the Gold Coast is a great way to see the area or just move your stuff into a new home. If you shop around and take your hire at an off peak time you can save a substantial amount on your daily rental costs