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How to find the best van hire service in Gold Coast

How to find the best van hire service in Gold Coast

Choosing the best Van Hire service on the Gold Coast can be a tricky proposition, there are many to choose from. In a perfect world everyone would have access to a van whenever they need one, the problem is not many people own one. Whether moving to a new house or shopping with the family a van would make life so much easier. So how do we find the best Van Hire service on the Gold Coast?
You need to look at these 5 things.

  1. The Company

Research, research, research! Spend some time before hiring your van and research the rental company options in your area. A rental company with a good reputation is less likely to cause you grief. Cheaper isn’t always better in the instance, a good company won’t have any hidden charges, everything will be explained up front. Their fleet will be fully maintained in perfect running order, you don’t want to find your stranded on the side of the road.

  1. Fleet size and availability

It goes without saying that the larger the fleet the easier it is going to be to hire your van when you require it. With jobs like moving house you can plan well in advance but it’s the jobs that pop up and need quick attention where a large fleet is going to help you.

  1. What are you moving?

The size of your items that you are moving will determine the size of the van you will require. Do you need a long wheelbase (LWB) or standard, 1 or 2 tonne vans are available also. Don’t hire the van you don’t need; you may find that you have a lot of wasted space. Worst case scenario is when you are packing the van halfway through you realise you are going to run of a room in the van. All vans have load specs, measure what you will be moving to ensure it fits in your van of choice.

  1. Term of Hire

How long you need the van for is a crucial decision. If you can move what you need to in a single day obviously costs will be lower, can you be more efficient in your move to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefit out of your van hire service. Packing the van to capacity on each trip and minimising down times with the van will ensure you get bang for your hire. Also get confirmation of the hours of return for the van, you don’t want to get stuck at the gate five minutes late to return your van.

  1. Costs

This is a double-edged sword and there is a sweet spot when finding the right price for your van hire service. Read the fine print and make sure the are not any hidden costs, cheap daily rates could mean some sneaky hidden charges when returning the van. Some things to look for –

  • Are the charges for returning van early/late?
  • Is fuel included?
  • Insurance
  • Damage charges

If you follow these five tips finding your Van Hire service on the Gold Coast will be much a much easier experience. Moving is a painful experience at the best of times, don’t make it any harder by choosing the wrong company – Gold Coast Truck Rentals can help you with all your van hire needs.