How Hiring A Van Can Make Your Move Stress Free?

If not handled properly moving house could be very stressful. From the start when packing your life up and placing it into boxes, to choosing just who are the people you can trust to take care of and move your valuable possessions, it is no wonder the whole house move thing can be nerve-racking. But the guys at Van hire Service on the God coast will help make it a breeze.

Instead of trusting someone you don’t know with all your worldly goods, go to Van hire on the Gold Coast where you can get the right sized van that suits you at a reasonable price and terms to suit, giving you complete control for a stress-free move.

Understanding the Process of Van Rental for Your House Move  

Now you’re in control there are a few things to consider to ensure you have an easy worry free move. The following tips will help take the stress out of your move:

  • Size matters: Think about the number of possessions you’re taking with you, how much furniture you have and its overall size. Consider the distance you have to move and whether it is best to try and do everything in one trip or is it more practical to make several trips. Then you can form an idea of the size of van you may need.
  • Moving Vans: These vans are specially designed to maximise the amount of usable space inside, allowing for easier packing. It is surprising just how much gear you can fit in. Generally, the average sized moving van will take the contents of the average two-bedroom apartment comfortably in one trip, as long as it is sensibly packed.
  • Heavy items: If some of your furniture is heavy or bulky they can be difficult to lift, then consider a van with a hydraulic tail-lift to save your back.
  • Timing: Plan ahead and time your move to allow for plenty of Murphy’s time (If anything can go wrong, it will). Usually, there is a small window of time between when you move out and the next people move in and the same at your new home, If you have sold and have a buyer waiting it can add to the stress or your move.
  • Down Sizing: When you make a move, it is the perfect time to get rid of all the stuff you have but never use or upgrade the furniture. Have you had that bed for more than ten years, Most healthy specialists suggest that you need to upgrade your bed every ten years to get the proper sleeping support? Have a brand new bed delivered to your bedroom early on the day you move in.
  • Your driver’s license: Check with the Van Hire service on the Gold Coast you plan on using to make sure the van you want can be driven on your current licence, sometimes the larger moving vans require special licenses.

Talking to the guys at a Van Hire center on the Gold Coast about your up in coming move can help you organise it and take the stress away, they have a complete range of easy to drive vans and specialised equipment to make moving simple and hassle-free.