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Five Easy Ways To Save On Car Rental

Five Easy Ways To Save On Car Rental

Renting a car or ute can be an expensive undertaking if you do not plan it properly and book early. The guys at Gold Coast Ute Hire are there to advise you on your best options and give you great service. It’s important to do some research before renting a car. For example, some companies require renters to undergo a credit check before they allow them to take the car. This is done to ensure that the person is reliable and will be able to pay for the vehicle and will return the car later. If you’re hiring from a company like that, you’ll want to ensure that your credit score is as good as possible. This can be done by using a credit card. Some people don’t have a credit card due to not having a Social Security Number, however, they can click here to see how they can apply for one if they want to be in with a chance of building up their credit score to achieve a rented car. That’s just one thing that needs to be considered before renting a vehicle, if you want to be sure you’re getting the best possible deal, check out these easy ways to save on car rentals:

  1. Check out all the rental agencies

Although the standard rental is similar across the board for each of the different classes of vehicle there is some variation due to times and availability. Always ask the rental company straight up about discounts and specials, if you don’t ask they will not tell you. You can easily check out each company on the net before you approach them.

It’s worth checking all the local hire companies for example if you’re traveling and looking for a rental vehicle, make sure to look into the different companies in your selected country, checking out companies like this 4×4 rental Iceland may offer you better rates than another company with the same vehicles, they can be much more flexible and accommodating with a helpful, friendly service as well as checking the large major companies.

  1. Don’t Use Their Insurance Unless you’re not covered by your Own

Most people’s household or car insurance now covers any rental vehicles they hire and many credit cards also have a full rental cover if you use them to pay for the hire, so check them out before hiring any vehicle

  1. Pick up the vehicle from their Main Depot

It’s usually cheaper to hire a vehicle from the company’s main depot than at the airport or in the main centers, but check the difference, it may or may not be cheaper than the fare to pick it up. Some companies even offer a drop off and pick up service and this can sometimes be more convenient and a cost effective solution for you

  1. Skip all their Extras

Now days everyone has a smart phone that also has all the things like GPS, satellite radio, speaker phones, Bluetooth and much more, so you don’t need them unless of course they are offered free with no catches. Some things like child seats and other safety gear should be included in the rental or bargain with them about the price, often if they think they will lose a hire they will accommodate you

  1. Check the Weekly Rates

Even if you only want the vehicle for a few days, it pays to check the weekly rate as this is almost always much cheaper. The reason for this is that most business people only want a car for a short time and are not too fussed about the rate. They just need a vehicle to get them from a to b. Whilst the rate might not matter to them, it’s still important that they find a reliable agency. Some rental agencies even supply their cars with fleet first aid kits to make sure drivers can sort out any injuries that they might have. Most people always forget to pack a first aid kit, so it’s handy when the rental company provides one. Anyway, tourists and holiday makers are always trying to stretch the dollar, so to attract them the rates are cheaper. Sometimes the weekly rate can be even cheaper than a 3 or 4 day hire

Gold Coast Ute hire is best done during off peak times like during the week or even over night. Often you can get a good deal from 5pm one evening to 7pm the next morning, if you talk with them about it, especially if just doing a local move or trip. The hire for this type of short term rental can often be much less than a normal full day rental