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Does hiring a UTE help you when interstate travelling

Does hiring a UTE help you when interstate travelling

Getting around Australia can take a lot of time, especially when travelling interstate. Finding a suitable UTE hire service on The Gold Coast can make your journey that much more enjoyable, more comfortable and less stressful than many other available travel options.

When making your ute hire on the Gold Coast from Trucks4rent, you know you’re going to get a late model, easy to drive, well maintained ute with no issues. Choose between an auto transmission or a manual in two or four wheel drive, a petrol or diesel engine and lots of extras to make your road trip both safe comfortable and enjoyable.

Some of the reasons of how UTE hiring on the Gold Coast can help you when travelling interstate are:

  • Restrictions because of the COVID-19 Pandemic

With many parts of Australia still recovering from the effects of quarantines and travel restrictions, while other areas are still waiting to reopen, there is a lot of uncertainty with both local and interstate travel. When hiring a ute, you can remain flexible and independent without having to worry about incurring penalties or payments if you are caught out because of restrictions that are suddenly imposed on you stopping your travel. Companies providing Ute hire service on the Gold Coast understand that their customers have no control over these restrictions and their customer safety is their main concern.

  • Safety and Sanitising

Your safety and that of hire company staff is of extreme importance, so they are always monitoring the lastest developments, guidance and advice from the local health authorities and WHO regarding COVID-19. Allowing them to focus on providing a service that caters for their customer’s needs while ensuring everyone’s safety.

Cleaning and sanitising operations in the industry have been modified and enhanced so all vehicles are sanitised both inside and out immediately before and after every rental. With special attention paid to areas with a high touch points such as the steering wheels, driver’s controls, door handles, hand grips, keys, seats and entertainment systems, passenger areas as well as spare tyres, tools and safety equipment.

Travelling in a sanitised ute is much safer and a lot less hassle than shared transport such as buses, trains or planes. Such a private travel solution means you can escape many of the checks required and completely control your own travel solutions.

  • The advantages of taking a ute hire on The Gold Coast

When traveling interstate in a ute you have a huge amount of room to carry the comforts of life, so you can camp out and avoid the cost and inconvenience of searching out accommodation that meets a high enough standard of sanitation especially at this time of uncertainty and pandemics.

  • Flexibility

When you take advantage of a ute hire on the Gold Coast you will enjoy complete flexibility with the options of free rental agreement modifications and the ability of picking up and dropping off the ute with minimal contact from the new paperless internet agreements. When returning your ute, a receipt will be sent via email and any bookings impacted by the COVID-19 Virus can be cancelled or changed without fees

The aim of Trucks4rent is to offer a ute hire on the Gold Coast that provides our customers the best, safest and most economical, stress free hire experience possible when travelling locally or interstate.