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Best Travel Destinations In Australia For A Road Trip

Best Travel Destinations In Australia For A Road Trip

So you are planning on a holiday with your family, and what better way to do just that than going on a road trip across the country? One of the best things about a road trip is the amount of freedom and flexibility you have access to, and you can choose to stay at your favourite location for as long as you want. Similarly, you may choose to move on from a spot whenever you like, as you are the master of your domain without the need for an actual camping site. With that being said, not everybody owns a vehicle suitable for road tripping. An easy and cheap way to start your road tripping is to organise a van hire on the Gold Coast, throw a mattress in the back and you can be away on the road.

With your Van hire on the Gold Coast, you can have the best of both worlds with your vehicle offering transportation and sleeping accommodation, It really is the perfect solution for a cheap and versatile getaway. A van eliminates the worry of packing and unpacking for every destination and provides you with sleeping flexibility wherever you like, if you are by law permitted to stop there.

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In a country as beautiful as Australia, it can be quite challenging to narrow down the best travel destinations but leave your worries behind as this article will provide you with three of the best destinations to visit, exposing you to beaches, scenic deserts, as well as rainforests to give you the full spectrum of experiences.

  1. Grand Pacific Ocean drive

If you are leaving from the Gold Coast head south down to Sydney. This 140km drive starts from Sydney and heads south, end in the beautiful Shoalhaven. There is much to see on this drive that includes rainforest in the Royal Nations Park, drive over the Sky Bridge, beautiful coastal views, sandy beaches, and turquoise watercolour on the Sapphire Coast, to name a few.

  1. The Nullarbor Plains

This crossing is usually done from Adelaide and Perth and will take you along one of the straightest roads in the world through an eye-catching night sky and wilderness. Seeing kangaroos, dingoes, whales at Fowler’s Bay, surfing at the Cactus beach are among the many things you can do on this road trip.

  1. East Coast of Tasmania

From Hobart to Bay of Fire is the drive that takes you along the east coast of Tasmania with roughly 300 Kms. This trip’s wonderful activities include deep-sea fishing, surfing and kayaking at Cole’s Bay, eating fresh produce and seafood, hiking, and more.

In a country like Australia, there are endless possibilities for travelling and exploring the vastness of this beautiful country. Whilst these are just three options for you to consider there are many more incredible destinations to discover on your road trip. Check out Trucks 4 Rent for the best deals for van hire on the Gold Coast and introduce yourself to all this amazing country has to offer.