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6 essentials for planning your road trip

6 essentials for planning your road trip

Six essentials for planning your road trip

The world of travel has changed massively over the last 18 months. People are spending more time now discovering Australia than ever before. The old school road trip has come back into vogue in a big way and Trucks4Rent can help you if you are looking for a van hire on the Gold Coast for your road trip. Whether you hire a van or have your own vehicle here are six things to remember when planning your road trip.

Get your car serviced

This is number one for a reason. No one wants to be stuck in the middle of nowhere when your car breaks down. There are at least 100 movies that start with that premise and it never ends well for the people in the car. Of course, they are just movies, but being stuck in an immobile car is the worst things that can happen on a road trip. Quite simply …. Get your car serviced before your trip, that way you can take off on your trip worry-free.

Of course, if you organise your van hire on the Gold Coast with Trucks4Rent you won’t have to worry about that. Your van would have been regularly serviced and in tip-top condition.

Plan your trip

Take a little time before your trip to actually plan your trip. It may sound like common sense but many a traveller has taken off with no planning, it always ends in tears. Plan your driving time and share the driving load if there are multiple drivers in your car. Don’t overdo it each day, you must be comfortable and have plenty of energy for the trip.

Have a Plan B

Things can go wrong at any time and it’s always best to have a plan B. Weather can turn quickly and a change of accommodation or your route may be needed. If you have a plan B you will have less stress when things go wrong.


If you have kids in the car with you then it’s vitally important to have enough entertainment for them. Idle minds will be the beginning of the end for your road trip. Whether it be an Ipad, laptop or a book to keep them occupied it will be the difference between a good and bad road trip. Of course, if you organise van hire on the Gold Coast you can set the kids up in the back row of seats and you and the partner can listen to your own music or podcasts in the front.

Roadside Service

Again this sounds like it’s a pretty simple suggestion but make sure you are a member of a roadside assistance group like RACQ. They will quickly become your best friends if things do turn sour on your road trip.


Remember this road trip is supposed to be fun so relax and enjoy it. This is looking like the way that we will be holidaying for a while so make the most of this family time, we may never get the time again.