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5 Things You Must Check On Your Rental Car

5 Things You Must Check On Your Rental Car

When renting a car, check before these five things before signing the papers and driving off. At van hire on The Gold Coast, they will help you with the details and ensure you’re fully covered.

  1. Research your Insurance

Most home insurance covers, car rental insurance, but make sure before you rent a vehicle to be sure just what cover you already have. Most hire companies want you to pay using a credit card, many of these give free vehicle hire insurance if you use their card

  1. Check for Discounts

Many rental companies offer discounts for a variety of reasons, so check to see if you’re entitled to any. There are age related discounts, RACQ discounts and membership discounts. Check the rental company website for the discounts the offer.

There are off season and off peak discounts, 3 day weekend and discounts for local residents at many rental companies

  1. Get Emergency Numbers and Roadside Assist

Make sure you have all the emergency numbers written down or in your phone in case something happens. The hire company will provide all the contact numbers you may need including roadside assist and their emergency number if you have a problem or breakdown. The guys at van hire on the Gold Coast will advise you of all the numbers you could possibly need

  1. Inspect the Vehicle Before You Take Possession of it.

Before you drive the vehicle or take it from the rental depot check it thoroughly. You will be personally held responsible for any damage, no matter whose fault it was and how small it may be when you return it to the rental company. You can be sure they will check it very carefully.

Start the vehicle and test all the lights such as indicators, brake and tail lights as well as spots fog lamps and headlights.

Check the wipers front and back and the fluid levels. Sound the horn and the power windows. Are the seats adjustable? Does the sound system work, what about the navigation and auto polite?

Check the tyres and the spare, the tread, and air pressure, is there a jack, reflectors and a wheel brace. Check the seats and the interior both in the front and back for damage, stains, rips or tears.

Go around the outside of the car and check for cracked windows, dents, scratches, stone chips or any other type of damage.

Take a photo using your digital camera or phone with the date and time recorded or make a video showing any damage if any on the vehicle.

Make sure the damage is recorded on the rental agreement (all copies) signed and dated by the official company rep. You can then be sure you’re protected against any claim the company may have regarding damage

  1. Familiarize Yourself With the Vehicle

Before you drive off take the time to totally familiarize yourself with the vehicle, especially its safety features.

If you have any doubts about any issues when renting a vehicle talk with the guys van hire on the Gold Coast. They will advise you on all the things you need to do precautions you need to take and check when hiring a vehicle