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5 safety tips to consider while hiring a truck in Gold Coast

5 safety tips to consider while hiring a truck in Gold Coast

Hiring a truck from a Gold Coast truck hire company is one of the safest and most cost-effective ways to move anything around the Coast. Trucks are built to move stuff and that’s what they do, so the next time you need to move something talk with the guys at Gold Coast truck Hire and they will find you the best truck at the right price, to do your job.

Follow these five safety tips to ensure your movies safe and hassle free:

  1. Know the weight limits and any overhang restrictions

On the Gold Coast all traffic regulations are strictly enforced. Always measure your load and get an idea of its weight so you can hire a big enough truck to safely and legally transport your load. If you’re unsure, ask the guys at Gold Coast truck rental and they will happily assist you, traffic fines are very expensive, but used to ensure public safety on the roads

  1. Secure your load correctly

All loads must be secured correctly even in a covered truck as a shifting load can affect cornering and braking. All Gold Coast hire trucks are equipped with lots of tie down points to make it easier to secure your load. If you’re not good at tying down the friendly guys at Gold Coast truck hire will show you few Truckee knots and tricks so you can tie down like a pro

  1. Use Cargo nets

Cargo nets will help secure your load so nothing can fall off or be blown off the back of your truck. They also deter thieves if you need to leave your load unattended at any time and come in waterproof versions if needed. They make tying down your load so easy and meet all legal requirements

  1. Use plenty of Padding

If you use plenty of padding as you load to protect your cargo, it will help to avoid any unnecessary damage it the items shift a bit in transit. Road vibration and the effects of braking and cornering can cause even a well secured load to move slightly. Fragile items need to be well wrapped or boxed to protect them. Often large items such as refrigerators and cabinets can be loaded empty, then smaller fragile items can be wrapped and placed inside them for protection

  1. Heavy or Tricky Items

Talk with the team at Gold Coast truck hire if you have items in your load that are heavy or difficult to load. They can provide trucks with loading ramps, hydraulic lifts or Hiab cranes to ensure they are safely loaded and unloaded. Once loaded they need to be secured adequately to avoid movement, rubbing or damaging themselves or other items

For perishable items, the guys at Gold Coast truck hire can set you up with a reasonably priced refrigerated truck complete with locks to safeguard your load

When you need a truck, talk with the team at Gold Coast truck hire, to get the best deals and the friendliest service, complete with all safety instructions and equipment required, they’ll advise you on the best and safest measures needed, legal requirements and tie down methods to ensure you have a safe and comfortable trip at competitive prices.