5 Important Things to Consider When Renting a Truck

If you’re considering making a truck rental on the Gold Coast there are a few things you should consider before making your move. This will help you save money, lower the stress levels involved and reduce the chance of mishaps. So consider:

  • The size of truck you’ll need

One of the first things to do is work out what size truck you will need. I will want to be able to take everything in one load if possible, but will not want to pay extra for space you don’t need especially if you are traveling a long distance.

Most trucks will seat 3 in people in the cab or front, some large trucks also have an extra row of seats, but usually, these are trucks that require special licenses to drive.

When you talk with your chosen truck rental company on the Gold Coast, give them the total dimensions of your load and they will advise you of the most suitable sized truck. Many companies also have their truck sized on their website so you can work it out yourself

  • Truck Size

Consider the location and whether or not your chosen size of truck will be able to get there you need to be able to load it up at the old place and then unload it when you get there. In the city some places are very hard to drive around in a big truck, so you may be better off making tow trips, unless you’re going interstate.

  • Drivers

Some smaller trucks can be driven on a standard driver’s license, but many trucks require a special class of license so check before you make a booking. It’s also important to check any other drivers or you won’t be covered by any insurance

  • How far are you Moving?

If you’re moving a long distance, such as interstate you may need to consider a one way rental. Check out just how far it is and the different routes you could take. Check the total expected mileage and the amount of fuel you’ll use as well as the hours spent to calculate the total cost from the different rental companies

  • Check out your Insurance

Many credit cards, home insurance and auto insurance policies cover rentals, but you need to check yours and see if it covers truck rentals and the contents you’re transporting. You may need to find a top up cover to protect your valuables while in transit

  • Find the best service near you

Get a convenient truck rental firm on the Gold Coast that is close to you so you don’t have to travel too far to pick it up and then drop off the truck afterwards as this could add considerably to the total cost of your rental

  • Book early

Make the booking as early as possible so you can be sure that the truck you want is available and ready for you. You might even find you can make a deal

Getting the right truck rental on the Gold Coast has never been easier, but before you book, know the size of your load and be sure you can drive up to the pickup and unloading places, that your drivers license and insurance cover you

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